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Went on Saturday 5/31 from Foster to the park above Waterloo. Started late about 11:30 am.

Nobody with any fish. I did hear some guys in a side channel yelling and screaming like they had a fish on -- but don't know for sure.

I broke a Cataraft oar in half on the big rapid about 1/2 mile below Sweet Home. Had to row the rest of the way with a short oar.

My 79 year old Father-in-law had a lot of fun even though we broke an oar. He likes my 12' Bad Cat pontoon boat and only got splashed a little through that one big rapid.

Was a long drift for not getting any fish.

Sorry to the guys anchored just below Pleasant Valley. That was my rookie oarsman son in the 10' pontoon boat who bumped into your boat. I told him to get over but he didn't take it seriously enough. Thanks for not letting your frustration show.
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