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Started off the morning by heading over to the S.Santiam. Arrived there at about 9:30 fished tell about 11:30 landed one springer that was a nate,saw one other hooked and lost, and one springer that was caught before I got there.

Pretty slow considering the water is almost perfect right now.

Then went back home and took my dad up to Detroit for some trout fishing since he just had a hernia and carpal tunnel surgery done in back to back weeks and hasn't got out much. :sick:

So we get to Detroit and all we have are our poles, we left all the other gear and bait at home.DOH!!
So after we ran to the store and got some power bait and hooks we finally got to fishing.
Well my dad gave me a wooping, he got two keepers to my nothing. We fished by the dam and saw no other fish hooked. :bowdown:
We fished at the lake for about 2 hrs and boy was it a beautiful day to be outside. :dance:

On another note as were leaving Salem there was a nasty wreck right before OCI hill on HWY 22 and it didn't look to good. It looked like one of the vehicles crossed over and hit they other almost head-on. There was a white SUV and Econoline van and the suv didn't win. Hope everyone was ok but I wouldn't hold my breath it didn't look good. :depressed:

Later Geoff

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