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Respects will be shown to fallen Medford, Oregon Soldier Dan Leckel this week. Just short of his 20th birthday, he gave all for his country.

Please remember, you can come and hold a flag, no bike required, flags are available there, or bring your own. If you happen to see such an escort mission please be respectful and pull over and stop. Thank You.

From PGR:

Meet at the Terminal Parking Lot at the Medford International Airport not later than 1030. That is when the briefing will occur. At this time we are not sure where the escort will be going, but that will be stated before Thursday (we hope). Have full gas tank, and empty other tank.

The family would appreciate (at minimum) a Missing Man Escort with Big Flags on those bikes. If you are available for this part of the mission.
please contact Mac and Marilyn at [email protected] ASAP to let them know who is available for this mission.

Preliminary information for SATURDAY:
Information for Saturday will be posted a bit later, but the Staging time will be around 0900 at the Glendale High School. Again more information will be posted for the Cemetery information as it becomes available.
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