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I thought I would let everyone know what they are getting into when they own vehicles and toys!

This last week has been a hard one on my pocket book. I own my share of vehicles and toys, and the cost of maintaining them is getting expensive.

1. My washdown pump in my boat quit working a while ago. I tried to get by without it for a while, but once you've had one you really can't go without. I purchased a new pump this week for $170 and put it in the boat tonight. That's really like getting off cheap as far as boat maintenance goes.

2. The toilet in my travel trailer developed a serious leak a couple of weeks ago. I figured out that it was coming from somewhere around the freshwater inlet on the toilet. I called the place I bought it from (it was still under warranty) but they said that it would be a couple weeks before they could even look at it. I am an impatient person, so I pulled the part, took it down there, matched up the new part, and $40.00 later it's like a new toilet. I am starting to think warranties on new RV's are pretty worthless if your new RV is going to be down 3 weeks during the prime summer season.

3. Minivan. I have a 96 Dodge caravan I use for work and running errands. It's nothing special but I've done a ton of work to it. This week it somehow had the fuel line come apart while I was on I-5. I paid $130 to have it towed to a mechanic that then pushed it back together, and didn't charge me a dime! No body could figure out why it came apart though. I have driven it over 300 miles since, and it is fine, so I am claiming divine intervention.

4. Tractors. I have 5 acres of property that need to be maintained, so I bought a small tractor. I have always heard that these things are bullet proof, but I seem to have armor piercing in my vanes. I've done a lot of work to the tractor, and right now I have the right front spindle apart. Trying to find parts and help for a "gray market" tractor is interesting to say the least.

The moral of the story is this, if it can break it will! I just hope you have better luck than me. It doesn't seem to matter if I buy brand new or used, I'm just not that lucky!
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