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RIP Gottafishdad

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Some of you know my Dad Dick Baker . He was registered here as Gottafishdad he never posted since he lived in Michigan but enjoyed all of your posts and pictures. Dad was a pretty special Man. He Was dropped off at an orphanage at 3 years old and lived there until he was 14. never new what it was to be told he was loved , Didn't hunt of fish or have shoes that even fit, didn't finish high school me my mom working in a store and asked her out. well she was the first person in his life to tell him he was loved. and that was it. for someone who grew up with out a parent he was a really awesome Dad!!He took me fishing and when I was 12 we learned how to hunt together since he had never done it. one day we found a trap and I was wanting to learn that as well, Dad and I went to the library and got every book on trapping we could read them together cover to cover and bought a couple dozen and we were off to the races. in all the years I hunted with dad He never killed an animal but he was there supporting me. I was adopted since my Mother was unable to have children and I will tell you I could not have been more lucky than to have this man raise me. He was a die hard Lions Fan who always said they wont ever make it to the super bowl until I die. Well I'm betting they make a good showing next year. He Live to 80 and got covid for Christmas and passed away in the hospital with mom by his side. I just hope I can live up to half of the man he was. I will love you always Dad.
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Great write up. Sorry for your loss these days it seems tough to find a good dad and it sounds like your dad filled his shoes well...
Sherish the memories
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