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RIP Elk Czy, you were a dear friend

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On Sunday morning, 46 year old Kirk Mills passed away doing what he loved to do. He was hunting with his best friend Matt and Diesel (Kirk's champion Lab) for ducks.

We lost a great person and friend way to early in our lives.

Love and miss you buddy!
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Unbelievable news..... I've know and worked with Kirk over a number of years. One of the good guys that had a true passion for the outdoors gone way to soon....

R I P buddy
Wow this is really unfortunate to hear.

I met Kirk a few years back while plunking, and really enjoyed talking with him. I had the wife, and kids down fishing off a beach during salmon season where I told my 10 year old daughter she was on her own to land her fish since she thought she was so good. The first rod goes off, and she broke 40lb line trying to stop the fish. Second rod goes off she broke the 4/0 gammy hook. Third rod goes off, and Kirk walks down says he is helping her no matter what I said, and they landed a 25lb hatchery spring nook. I still have the pics from the trip.

We exchanged pics of different elk, and talked through the day. We discovered he knew some of the guys I know just by seeing pics of the elk they had taken. We exchanged numbers I was going to take him fishing in trade for help with elk hunting, but I never followed through.

All around great guy
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