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RIP Dawhunt( Bobby Dawson)

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This has been a particularly Sad week for me as one of my best friends, hunting and fishing partner, Robert (Bob) Dawson passed away Friday Aug 25, 2014 in Vancouver, Washington of the worst possible disease, ALS. The celebration of life was yesterday, and I had tears of Joy and Sorrow all day yesterday, remembering all the fun times but very upset that He is gone. He is in a better place with no pain anymore and probable shooting and fishing as we speak. Some of You will remember Bob behind the gun counter at Sportsman's and some in the Hog line at Reed Island. He was very proficient at both!! I will miss Him until we meet on the other side!!

RIP my brother, Bobby D!!!!!
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He will be missed by all.RIP
I remember fishing next to him off the tip of Reed Island, he will definetly be missed! RIP Bob.
He will be missed... :pray
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