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Report on Aug 7, CR Recreational Advisor Meeting????

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Per WDFW - "Columbia River Recreational Advisor group mtg is scheduled for tomorrow August 7 at 2PM - location is WDFW office in Vancouver"

Can any participants give us a summary of the meeting, please?

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Here's some! I was not at the meeting due to state training requirements elswhere.

Above Wauna Recreational Sturgeon Fishery Fact Sheet

August 7, 2007

Fishery Review

2006 guideline was12,800 sturgeon for the fishery above Wauna. Total harvest was 8,500 fish, leaving 4,300 fish to roll over into 2007 and/or 2008.
The surplus was split over the 2-year period (additional ~2,200 fish in 2007 and 2008).
2007 (and 2008) guideline for area above Wauna is 14,900 sturgeon
2007 season was adopted to include Sundays (one extra day of fishing/wk):
4d/wk (Thr - Sun) January 1 - July 31 and October 1 - December 31
2007 catch expectation: 103,000 trips w/ 14,600 wsg (cpue = 0.142)
Depending on catch rates, the season could be fine-tuned in-season by adding opportunity during September in 2007 and/or 2008.
Typically, the majority of the harvest occurs during the fall months (Oct- Dec)
Preliminary catch for the estuary fishery is 19,160 fish. July (4 days) catch was 2,060 fish.
2006 catch estimates for the WillametteRiver were greater than background levels. An estimated 3,300 fish were harvested compared to an expectation of 2,500 fish.

2007 Above Wauna Fishery

Preseason catch expectations included 6,300 fish (40%) during Jan 鈥 Jul and 8,600 fish (60%) Oct 鈥 Dec.
Catch during Jan 鈥 Jul is estimated at about 2,900 fish, or 50% of the preseason catch expectation.
If the catch trends continue, harvest will fall an estimated 7,700 fish (52%) short of the 2007 guideline.
Harvest in the Willamette is projected to be 2,400 fish above background levels.

Fishery modification scenarios

Liberalizing the fishery to the fullest extent may not be enough to reach the 2007 guideline.
Modifying the current season to open early (Aug 18?), and allow retention 7d/wk is the most liberal season possible.
Catch expectations under this scenario include:
Jan 鈥揓ul catch = 2,800
Aug-Sep catch = 1,300
Oct 鈥 Dec = 6,000
Harvest above Wauna is projected at 10,100 fish, plus 2,400 fish above background levels in the Willamette for a grand total of 12,500 fish, compared to the 14,900 fish guideline.

2008 Fishery

2008 guideline is 14,900 sturgeon plus any roll over from 2007.
Considering such a large guideline, it is likely the season will be modified from the 4d/wk plan, into perhaps a 7d/wk plan, 12m/yr scenario.
Under this scenario, catch expectations include 12,700 fish, which is 85% of the 2008 guideline.


August 7, 20
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I have some other info re. the sturgeon numbers. It will not copy and paste properly. If desired I will forward the email to interested parties. If someone who has better computer skills would like, they could figure out how to post the info. I will forward it to them.

4d/wk (Thr - Sun) January 1 - July 31 and October 1 - December 31

2007 catch expectation: 103,000 trips w/ 14,600 wsg (cpue = 0.142)"

Wow, that's a lot of sturgeon fishing!

Thanks for the info Captn!
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