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I am going on an elk hunt in a couple of weeks and I am in charge of all the food for the hunt. I sent out a list of food and asked all to reply back with their suggestions on what I may have missed. My sister emailed back the following reply and then I answered her back. I thought the exchange would be of some interest!

Well I didn't read the list, but I'll bet money you forgot these things:
Hand sanitizer.
Hair gel
Dental Floss
Almond facial scrub
Mango scented hand lotion
Peppermint scented foot lotion
Tide and a bucket so you can wash your clothes each night
Downy so they'll be soft and fluffy
Porta Potty
Scented candles (see above item)
Propane space heater
Propane fueled portable shower
Cute picnic basket with red calico lining
Battery operated gun shaped patio lights to make camp look festive
Graham crackers, marshmellows, hershey's chocolate and a wire hanger
HD TV and surround sound with wireless satellite receiver
Oh! And a 50' RV
All essential elk hunting gear wouldn't you say?

1. Actually we have plenty of hand sanitizer. Its called dirt. Rub liberally on dirty hands and wash off with water.
2. Shampoo is used to keep the elks hide beautiful till it gets to the taxidermist!
3. Conditioner is what we have all been doing leading up to this hunt.
4. Hair Gel! I dont want the bull elk chasing me around. Lets be serious.
5. Dental floss? You got to be kidding. I am sure Floyd will have enough for all of us!
6. Cologune, have you ever smelled ann elk at mating season? There will be more than enough exotic scents to go around.
7. Almond facial scrub? Hmm! I thought you had me there then I remembered that Davey and Nick will be going along and if you have ever seen them eat..........well you get the picture. The almond joys will work just fine!
8. Mango scented hand lotion will not be on this trip. Dave Hildebrandt is not going.
9. Pepermint foot lotion- See last explanation.
10. The bucket will be unnessecary. We can just rub some of that there tide all over our clothes while we are still wearing them and roll around in the stream till we and the clothes are clean.
11. Downey for the clothes? For crying out loud. This is a wilderness horseback elk hunt. QWe need to rough it a little bit!
12. The port pottie is already in place. That is unless somebody has made a terrible mistake and has used that old log for firewood.
13.The scent wafting from the open fire will work great in place of the scented candles.
14. Propane heater- see 13 and 11.
15. Propane shower. I am truly surprised at you complete lack of understanding of what we are trying to do here. This a "green hunt" and thus we will be using "sun power" to warm our water. Although this could be re-thought due to the use of glacial stream water for our wash water! 16. Hammock- I did think about getting one of those but did not want the grizzly bears mis-taking me for food that the "camper" were trying to hide from them!
17. Cute Calico basket with red lining- I believe the basket we carry the edible parts (heart, brains, liver) of the guts in will have a cute red lining by the time we are all done.
18. Battery powered gun light2 to make camp look festive- Are you kidding? We dont want anything to obscure the festive stars in the night sky!
19. Graham crackers, chocolate and marshmellows- I guess the bread, candy bars and forest fungus will have to do!
20. A 50' RV- I think if I was to measure it, our RV will be longer than that. Lets see.............8 horses in a line...........well I guess you get the picture!

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That about covers it. That is the same list my wife would produce when she decides to go hunt with me. Definitely the facial scrub and foot lotion.

Rub some dirt in your arm pits for me while your hunting.

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Bubble Bath! Lavender!
[Special for the Mill Creek Watershed] All in the town of Walla Walla will thank you for 'distributing it'.

Dental floss is a must. If you are hunting the worst smell you admit is your breath. Flossing, IMO, is as important as deoderant for scent. :twocents:
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