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Reds and Black Drum

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Florida Panhandle report from: http://outdoorsbest.zeroforum.com/zerothread?id=418958

I was going to try and post pics with this but I am techno challenged. So my late report is as follows.....................

Late start out of C-Bay, headed to East Pass. Bait on board, 3 doz live shrimp (at least they were supposed to be alive), bonita strips and squid.

The bonita strips were dropped hoping for the odd grouper and one rod went off, not the typical take with bury the rod tip, type of bite, but came up with one slot red at the max-- 27'' Things went slow for a while and got a 24 incher on bonita strips. 2 fisherman - 2 in the box. Started fishing peeled shrimp. Got one oversize red, nice fight on 15 pound mainline, to the boat, 1 pic and over the side he/she went. Next we start picking up black drum in the same spot. The fish Gods are smiling upon us. One good one in the box, then one just legal, sent back to grow bigger. Sent it down again and got another black about 20 inches. Not counting the 16 inch blue fish, the 2 hardheads, the sand perch and the puffer fish we felt we had a full day. Soaked from the rain, we decided to call it a day and clean fish before sundown. Of course we cleaned fish in the dark, not my favorite thing.............

Happy Thanksgiving to y'all in the NW!!
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I'm a fishing dummy from the Northwest, but what is a "red"?
A red snapper? Those are about the best eating fish I've ever tasted. They are "huchinango" (I think) off Mexico's East Cape. What is a "hardhead"? I would think it's a bluefish.
Lord, so much water, so little time to fish.
Red - Red Drum, also known as a spot tail bass (has a large black spot in it's tail), also known as a redfish. They can get pretty large, but generally there is a slot limit on them (like sturgeon).

Hardheads can be croakers (same family as the drums), or catfish (used for both).

Hardhead catfish: http://www.thejump.net/id/hardhead-catfish.htm



Hardhead croaker: http://www.animals100.com/fish/atlcroaker.htm

Red Drum: http://www.animals100.com/fish/reddrum.htm
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Hey KW, cool sites, liked the jump site.

Way back when I lived in Fla, caught lots of salt water catfish and some redfish, but didn't know their other nicknames.
ron m
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