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Today after fishing kings in the skokomish River near The Hood Canal I came back to a horible surprise. After fishing all day it seemed that someone was breaking into my truck and stealing all of the gear I had locked in the canopy on the back of my truck :depressed: . The theifs made off with a 5 Wt. St. Croix fly rod, a 10 Wt. Cabelas Cahill 2 fly rod, a Colorado 2 fly reel by Ross Reels, My wading jacket, and all of my spare streamers and trout flies. :sick: The low lifes even made off with my shoes :mad: !! the estimated value of all the items is over $900. I did end up catching a nice brite king but it is nothing compared to the gear that was taken from me. So if you ever want to try to fish the Skoke make sure to put everything in the cab of your truck. anything like this happen to any of you?


P.S. If any one has any information about my stuff please E-mail me @ [email protected] or call me @ (360) 432-8203 thanks

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