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I took a buddy of mine out for the last day to see if we couldn't get one of them nice bucks out of estacada. First we tried driving for a little while and getting out when we seen fresh tracks croos the road. After only seeing one doing this I decided we should go down below the snow and start beating the brush. Where we went I have hunted before and I know that the bucks like to go there during the rut. So we headed back in and tried a rattling set up with know success. We continued a little further and I decided I needed to do a little paper work(sorry to give this much info but it is part of the story). So I set him up wind of me and I fell back a little ways. I did a few grunts and began raking the heck out of a tree. Then the fight was I on. I began rattling. After a few minutes I heard my buddy cough and then one more cough. I waited a couple of minutes and then walked over to him to find that he had just seen a 4point 30 yrds from him. He didn't know it was there until he coughed and then turned his head. He seen him for about a second while it turned and melted away back into the brush. By the time his scope was up he was gone.
I use to make fun of those dumb cough silencer commercials but I'm beginning to think that buying one just for times when your sick would be a good idea. This was his first year hunting and he almost got a wall hanger. At the same time It was my first nice buck that I have rattled in. This is why I call it a success because it was awesome to see the excitement in his eyes when I walked up to him.
Maybe next year.
Happy Hunting
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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