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My secret to successful rattling was learned for white tails; my buddy gave me some "tarsal glands" :bowdown: off a buck he had taken the week before.

I tried it on black-tails after I harvested my buck during a 614 hunt and it works! I brought in a forky in ten minutes after first light. The forky walked but the glands are in the freezer now. I will take them out next year.

A couple words about using tarsal glands: 1) never hang them on your body! Keep them in a couple sip-locks until you deploy them. Use latex gloves and bag them in the bag after you deploy them too. 2) Use cotton twine or mono-fillament fishing line and hang one about 24" from the ground on a twig and one about 60" from a limb.

When those things start reaking, watch out, cause he is coming in fast. He will go right to the lower gland. :yay:
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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