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The regular fish cutter Shelly was layed up with a pinched nerve. She spent most of the trip literally under the table in pain. I am thankful she didn't scrub the trip to get to needed health care:bowdown:. The deckhands filling in processing fish were a bit rushed, but did as well as could be expected.

Next trip I should help ensure the fish get chilled asap and bring them home whole for cutting if I could. Could be kinda tough to get over a dozen big albies and ice in the econobox for transport though.:bigshock:

Brain spiking seems easy and effective in bleeding and reducing tissue damage.:smash:

The rigs were 30# test, #1 hooks and 20-50 # tiger ugly sticks. A softer pole would have reduced the effort landing the fish, which averaged 20# this year, nice big fish, out of the 100+ maybe 1 was under 10#.

Dave's crew did an excellent job, the live bait line clusters were untied with out losing fish, and I only saw one release where sharks weren't involved. The crew gaffed 100%, including one that broke free and made the mistake of loitering a split second near the surface were the deckhand snatched it with the gaff.

Being short handed due to an injury and the large catch to process the captain and crew was 110% used up when we hit the deck. THey were to burned to do the usual afternoon boat wash right away. The captain has excellent eyes and spotted working birds and jumpers to far off for the average person to even see. He also did a prime job of not wasteing time, fuel and bait running and gunning between stops.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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