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OK, got rid of that punk kid from socal, and pert near finished off my honey do's, so I thought, "What the heel, might as well go feesh"

Asked Kam if he'd skipper for me (man...is it nice to just back the boat up to the water, let him drive it off the trailer, come back and get me after I park the truck, take me to the spot, then at the end of the fishing trip, he just drives it back on...sweet. I don't have to even get out of the cab
) and he said "Yeah"

Got to the ramp at 4PM (now this is not on the beach were we live, we had to drive about 10 miles to a public ramp, DAMN... but that is where the bite is at) and wuz back home by 6PM.

Was true to form, as Kam could not net my first one at the boat. It was a biggie, but he got the net tangled in the downrigger mount, as he went to scoop. Ended up nailing the fish on the head, which, sent it into a raging fit, with me being the benefactor of his new found energy....

He felt bad....

I cut him no slack and told him he was no better than those limp wristed anglers that do all their fishing on Internet message boards

Soon...he sat down as he had his limit. I still had 2 to go, as I lost another (my fault...I can man up if I need to. Just ask my wife. I'm always saying "I'm sorry honey, for screwing up your life....) big one again, at the net, when I pulled too hard, and broke the line.....

Had the skipper move up closer to the beach, and in three cast, I got my final two fish

The beach was a zoo. It looked like California, as shore anglers stood shoulder to shoulder...but they were catching them. It's nice to have a boat and run away from that stuff.

Couple of pictures:

#1. Is me. I know, I know, but hey, go easy on me, OK?
#2. Is what we use. It's called a buzz bomb (not the same thing HD drinks on his charters). It's heavy metal, 3-1/2" long, and is a jerk and flutter bait.
#3. Another view of the bomb. You can see how your line runs through the jig and ties directly to the hook. The black thing is a snubber. It's a piece of rubber with a hole in the middle, which the line runs through to keep the metal lure from cutting into your knot/line as you jerk.
#4. The end results....

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