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In New Zealand, chinook salmon are known as "quinnats". Over the last 125 years numerous attempts have been made to establish chinook runs in NZ. Many shipments of chinook eggs from the US have been made and most large rivers in NZ have been stocked with juveniles. Yet, after repeated efforts, only a few NZ rivers currently support salmon runs and these have only a handful of returning adults...very little wild production occurs there.

We hear of the importance of preserving our wild fish with their specific adaptations evolved to match the river basins they inhabit. These traits take many, many generations to establish. Genetic traits adopted by Sacramento River basin chinook to match their environment apparently are of little value when those fish are stocked in the Waitaaki River or other waters of NZ.

If salmon were really as adaptable as some believe, then the rivers of New Zealand would be full of salmon. But they're not. :whazzup: :wink:
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