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I was wondering if anyone on this board has ever taken an Alumaweld 20 ft Super V over the bar, (on a calm day) and how it was? I would like to know what you consider for safe bar conditions in this type of boat? what is the best tide to cross on (out and back)? and is it worth it? I have seen many open boats out there over the past several years, and I have had mine at Buoy 10 many times, and believe me I know when to go in. I used to fish in a 22 ft C Dory but I no longer have that boat ( I have crossed the bar probably 50 times in that boat) and would like some info from an expierenced captain in an open boat. My Super V only has a 6 degree bow and I am concerned about taken water over the bow, I know it is a safe boat in the right conditions I am just not sure what conditions to look for on the bar to make a safe trip in this particular boat. Thanks in advance for all replys.
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