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Hey! Ya know Bruce? At Water Ready?

He is the nicest guy and he has a ton to do with the River Rights movement along with Trout Girl. He is an ambassador for your right to be on the river!

Anyhow, rumor has it (SH!) that he is arranging to be the head honcho of all fishery honchos for donating to NSIA through ifish this year!

He is so generous! MAN! He is (don't tell!) ... heard to be donating this: to be auctioned off on ifish, proceeds to go to NSIA!!!

11`x19" Escape LX1
Boat Includes:
(1) Deluxe padded 12 position locking swivel seat.
(2) Full floorboard (Endurance)
(3) Powder-coated aluminum frame.
(4) 8 tie down quick release cam straps.
(5) Anchor mount or troll motor mount.
(6) Deluxe foot release anchor system.
(7) Sawyer King Cobra oar locks.
(8) Sawyer Polecat oars with sleeves or rope wrapped.
(9) Scotty Rod Holder with extension.
(10) Lean tower with lift assist.

All boats include Lifetime Frame warranty to the original owner. 10 year tube warranty.

Price - $1,825.00


So, if you are in the market for a toon, (Who isn't? They are a ball!) hold your horses until you see this one! We are making arrangements to see if we can't also continue the auction at the banquet for NSIA at the tournament to be held the same weekend at B-10, and then finalized the day of ifishstock.
I don't know all the details and things may work out differently, but that's the rumor, the talk of the town, the excitement, the buzz, the nitty gritty of it!

I can't wait! Precise Details to come!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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