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Personialy If you want my 2 pesos worth dont be frighten on what to tell a child about death, or any serious matters. And with the rest of the family Ill get to that latter. But from what I have found out through the years and reading scripture is, a child has something that we dont, and that is abundant faith. Yes that right When Christ said "unless you have the faith of a child , you will not inherant the kingdom of God" Christ didnt say that to hear his head rattle. We as adults are not ontune in abundant faith as a child. We worry every day about, how are Jobs will go, what to eat for dinner, What kind of clothes to wear, Do we have enough money for gas etc. Enstead of just trusting our heavenly father. And with a child they dont worry, they have faith that mom or dad will take care of them, they have faith that when they wake up they will be well taken care of and they will be fed, they have faith that when they go to sleep nothing will harm them. And when they get hurt mommy and Daddy will take the hurt away. And I have seen many of times when death accures or hardship, they can take it like a faithfull champion. They dont need a theoligical explanation of heaven, they have faith that its there and a God excist. And if they have faith that they are protected by their mommy and daddy, they they also have God given faith to believe that mommy and daddy has someone taking care of them also. So dont give some kind of fairy tail sorry about death, tell them the truth you would be supprised on what real truth these children can bear. And as for the remaining adults, many times bible verses do not help at this time, and I say that with all do respect to Gods word, "YOU" are his chosen vessel at this time, "YOU" are Christ example to cry when they cry, be in the valley when they are and when they hurt "YOU" hurt also. Being a Bible quize master at this time dont do much good, when they biggest question is "WHY" and none of us can answer that, His word is used at these time to comfort and not to find answers. I have ask "WHY". YOU have ask "WHY" and Christ when he was hangging on the cross, also ask "WHY". This is where childlike faith comes in and just accept that it is done in some way to glorify God. "WHY?" We will never know this side of heaven...Lord Bless, and oh! yes I will be in prayer also
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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