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i agree with id painter.
i use medium to semi-light gear(not counting my avet wincheminreel) i like getting the fish to the boat ASAP, then kill it like it deserves and do it again,I'm not one of those guys that says its a beautifull day to be on the water. nice days are better than crappy days, sure. But my intent as soon as i leave the dock is to kill as many tuna as i can. sure it was nice to meet new people and old freinds but i came here to kill fish. and thats my sole intent. if i want to just shoot the bull and make freinds I can think of better spots than 50 miles offshore.

if i need a relaxing fishing trip i will take my girl out for trout, and then you might hear me say,,"it was just nice to be out here"
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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