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Applying as a party with a non-resident, you may have to wait a year or two longer than if you applied by yourself or with another resident, because of the 5% limit (which is actually more like 2 1/2% in the good units, because half of the NR tags go to the outfitters.)
We've noticed this on several hunts (brother is non res) - including him on the party application drags us down so we often can't draw hunts we otherwise might if we were all residents. (I make sure to remind him of this.) The tag statistics bear this out - you can look up the stats on the ODFW web page and see which hunts typically require more points for nonres than res. One thing I will say about OR nonres applications is the tag apps for nonres only cost the $4.50 application fee after you buy your license ($76.50).

If I'm understanding the WA system for non residents correctly, it looks like to apply for a special deer or elk permit, you have to spring for the $400 - $600 deer and/or elk tag - that's pretty spendy if you're not planning on hunting in the WA general season if you don't draw a special tag. Of course, that keeps down the nonres rif-raf and increases the chances for a resident draw. [Somebody please correct me if that's wrong.]

No judgement or criticism implied on the different state systems - they are what they are and we just work with them as we can.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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