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Pete has been nominated and needs help... NOT! :)

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Pete has been nominated for Columbia River Recreational Fishing Advisory Group.

This is important to both Pete and Ifish and Pete could use our help in winning this appointment. I would like to ask that you e-mail a note of support for Pete to Deb Kuttel We only have until Wednesday to provide our show of force from the Ifish constituency.

Something simple like:

Deb Kuttel

I would like to add my support for the nomination of Pete Morris to the Columbia River Recreational Fishing Advisory Group.

Blah Blah Blah… you get the drill

Add something about Ifish too so it is a double plug

Again thanks for your help, it would be nice to see as many people as possible send in their support… :cheers:

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Done. Yay for Pete! :bowdown:

"Ms.Deb Kuttel:

I would like to encourage the nomination of Pete Morris to the Columbia River Recreational Fishing Advisory Group. Pete is a strong advocate of fishing and is dedicated to the resource, and he has been active on our internet group (Ifish.net) for several years. He will be a great addition to your group.


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Sent and a great choice.

Re: Columbia River Recreational Fishing Advisory Group.

Dear Deb,

I can not think of a more intelligent, subject knowledgeable, common sense and caring individual
than Pete Morris.

Pete would fill this position with the very best interests of all concerned, with superior results.

Pete's hands-on, day-to-day involvement with the Columbia River fishery, his stewardship of all of
the Columbia River resources, and his active leadership on IFISH.net, which in my opinion, is one of
the most prestigious Salmon and Steelhead fishing websites in the world, also provides Pete Morris
with a solid background and "sounding board" that few others possess.

As a very active Columbia River fisherman myself and a very proud Oregonian, I firmly believe Pete
would be a great choice, great addition to your Team and most importantly the right choice for all
of us that cherish the Columbia River.

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Wow! I am impressed, Pete!

Mine has been sent, also!

Mine's sent....

Good Luck!!

1 More added :grin:
That’s great… keep-em-commin :dance:

Nanook, that was a great letter.
You truly are finer than frog hair
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Mine's been sent!

To Deb Kuttel:

I would like to voice my support for Pete Morris for the Columbia River Recreational Fishing Advisory Group. Pete is a fine gentleman with a good knowledge of the issues involved. As a moderator on Ifish.net, which has thousands of members in Oregon and Washington, he has a unique opportunity to hear input from a wide range of sources, as well as the ability to be diplomatic and professional in dealing with diverse groups. He would make a valuable addition to the advisory group, and he has the wholehearted support of myself and the other members of Ifish.

happybrew(no, I didn't sign this on the e-mail!)
Another vote for Pete.
Thanks, ***....I just sent my email to Deb. Hope this helps our cause.

I just told her that if he is chosen, that I hope they don't take up too much of his time, as we need him here. :smile:

Nah... I didn't! But I felt like it!

its a done deal,,,,,,sent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tis done!

Go get em' Pete.

Sent mine, good luck Pete! Thanks for taking a proactive approach. Hawg
Well....I sent mine too Pete. Just stay out of my spots. Better yet past a rule that Nanook can't hog the Oak Tree Hole this fall. :grin:
Pete, :cheers:

"Dear Ms. Kuttel,

I would like to voice my support for the nomination of Mr. Pete Morris to the CR advisory group. I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr Morris for over one year through the Ifish website. I have observed his awesome ability to hear people out, temper their tempers, unruffle feathers, and be fair all the while. Mr Morris will be an excellent addition to your Advisory Group."

Sent tonight. Good Luck!!! I even signed it with my real name :grin:
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You've got my support, Pete. Mine's sent.

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