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Went out on the 12th, went 2 for 4 in three hours. One 9'3" that took 25mins to get alongside, the other between 10' and 11' that snapped the leader right next to the boat after 35mins. It was my first time out and I'm now an addict. Going out Sun. with a friend to see if we can hook up again. Luck to you on the 1st.

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Just make sure you have really stout gear, good drag and some good quality line. I hate to hear of lost fish, you never know what happens to the rig once that big girl swims back down to the bottom. It should be great fishing up there. Just move and find a spot about 2 hundred yards up river and just on the edge of the current of the washington side. Always a good spot for me. Also remember that you'll have to drop out and follow the fish so make sure you have an exit strategy and no boat right below you.
Have fun and rest up those popeye arns.
Hey skunk,
The guys from Nevada are rookies. I been peeler fishing for the last six years. Tiger rods, 330GTI's, and 80# Tuff Line Plus. I just like watching and listening to a first timer when I hand them the rod and the big girl decides it's time to go. I won't let them hurt a fish by not getting the job done in a hurry. It would not be the first time I take a rod away to get a fish in and released. I have alot of respect for these fish and the power they have. I have yet to under-estimate the strength of these fish and their ability to wreck gear.
I am coming up to Portland on Aug.1st with two visitors from Nevada who want to catch a "Big Sturgeon" (one should be careful of what one wishes for. They just might get it!)Will go out of the Fishery. How's the action been? Any info appreciated.
That's the rig I use. A great set up. I just thought I'd mention it so others who might read this thread to get the importantance of fishing for these big fish responsibly. Sure it's fun to use light rods and light lines, I read some guy was talking about using 14lb test, but up at the fishery where it's almost a given that an oversize will come along, everybody should be prepared. Glad you have the kind of knowlege and respect these fish need and deserve.

Like I'm sure you know, they are such a valuable resource that needs to be handled carefully.
Hope those Nevada newbies have the time of their lives! I took a buddy from NJ 2 years ago. He was always bragging about how big and strong muskies where, until I got him into 3 big fish in a matter of two hours. He still talks about it.
Take care, and keep up the sturgeon vigilance.
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