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Willow Drifter,
Yes, I've used the paint in question.
Results= well, is was O.K. i guess.
I have also used that new powdercoat paint
Results= Very nice on blades
Note of caution.....
You will need to scuff-up the surface of the area you wish to "paint". Otherwise the smooth finish on many spinner blades will cause the coating to chip of flake-off. There is also an oven "curing process" recommended for this product that makes it tougher than all get out.
It's great suff. You can mix and match colors fluorecents, glow in the dark and metallic flake clear-coat. The only thing is not being able to mask the blades-off really well if you want the paint only on certain parts of the blade. I'm sure it can be done somehow.
Good luck,
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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