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Spent the weekend at PC watching the surfers troll for sharks and the dories slide up the beach.

If you have never done this ( or even watched ) go. The landings and launches are worth the drive. The ride would be the icing on the cake.

Did not talk to anyone. But saw a bunch of bottomfish and a bonus tuna getting cleaned at the campground.

Watched 3 dudes and 2 dogs pile into a tiny Zodiac with a little( 15ish) yamaha on the back. Last time I saw them, they were a dot on the blue thru the binocs. A statistic waiting to happen.

Also saw 3" black rockets". 1 was in camp. The other 2 did a drive by on the beach.Looked like a test drive. fast boats. Bumpy looking ride.

No fishing this wekend. Just watching.

Mark and the tired sandy dog.
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