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We fished hard. Nothing was happening at the ramp. There were just a few people, and now I know why. We ran over the hole with a fish finder, and the only thing a person could catch was anchovies and smolt. I could not believe how many anchovies were in the bay. The water felt like a swimming pool. The chinook aren't in yet.

We decided to go down to the jaws. Same thing, no fish on in any of the boats. We trolled for 3 hours. We only saw a couple of fish on the finder the whole time. The crabbers seemed to do ok.

We headed back, because the wind was kicking up. On the way back we found a small slot below the mouth of the Little Nestucca about 10-12 feet deep after running in 3 foot water, and a fish came across the Humminbird. We decided to troll to see if we could stir anything up. One of the guys on my boat gets a take down after just 2 minutes, but it was a just a jack. The fish came unbuttoned at the boat. It was a fiesty little devil. It fought like a steelhead. It was probably all of 18 to 20 inches and just a couple of pounds.

We tried kwikfish on the incoming in the usual spot, but between the wind and the seaweed, we didn't have much of a chance.

We talked to several people, and no fish on all day at the Guard Rail, Ramp, or Bridge.

I'd say we need some cooler weather before the big boys show up in this neck of the woods. Perhaps the next good tide exchange in a week and half will flush some in.

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