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Slow Day today. Fished between the Garbage Hole Tail out and the Bridge. The water is still dropping and off color. Not to bad though. Between about 25 to 30 boats I would say it was a 25+/- fish day when I left to fish the Clack at 1:00. Spoke with fishermen in 2 drift boats and 1 sled on the Clack. All three boats had fish. Combo of Springers and Summer Steelies. Carver to Riverside. SANDSHRIMP!!!

Story Time: Garbage Hole Anchoring

There wern't any boats anchored in the Garbage Hole this morning. We, the back bouncers had this prized drift to ourselves. Well, around 10:30 this Glass boat comes from Sport Craft working it's way through the boats on the Oregon City side of the river. After it made it's way through the boats the captain steers over to the tail out area of the Garbage Hole. He then turns up river and begins maneuvering through the boats back bouncing through the hole. Everyone was looking at this boat as we were all curious as to the captains intent. I think we all knew his intent was to anchor but just couldn't believe he would do it. He weaved his was up to a spot just behind Priddy's Guide Boat and SPLASH goes the anchor :mad: . After lots of
yelling at him to cease and dissist. He let fall the rest of the line and proceeded to drift back into David Johnsons Guide boat. We had to yell at him to get him to throtle back up so as not to run into David.
What a jerk! He told us and a few others that this has been a Hog line spot for some number of years. This is true, but with no boats anchored at this point it is at this time a back bouncing spot. There was a good bite going on at this time and most of the boats were in this area. In fact just after he anchored Terry Seemster hooked into a very large fish and had a heck of a time getting around the anchor line. It caused a three boat mess as Terry was trying to save his customers fish. He almost lost it to the rope. A couple of Guides who will remain nameless sat right off the anchored boats stern for awhile. After the guides moved out a different boat returned the favor and dropped it's anchor and bouy 3ft. behind the anchored glass boat for a while.

Even though a spot is known to be a anchoring hole is it o.k to just come on in and anchor up? :shrug: . I personally think not. If someone were there anchored up first thing this morning then that is one thing. To just push your way in like this was rude and wrong. Just my 2 cents.


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