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Open Seats w/Grant Scheele

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On Tuesday November 15th I have 2 open seats to fish with Grant Scheele. Grant is a great guide and is lot's of fun to fish with. Please PM me if you are interested.
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I keep hearing wonderful things about Grant.
Don't tell Grant I said so. He'll get a big head.


Did you hear that recently?

Grant is a great guide and is lot's of fun to fish with.
:wave: :wave: :wave: Yeah he is!!
Yes! :smile:
Watch out for that racket he keeps in the back of the boat, if you don't set the hook when he tells you to, you just may find out what he uses it for! (Not that I would ever know.....Is that my bobber?????.....doh!)

Grant, sorry I missed that last trip with you, but now that I have my eyes fixed I "should" be able to see the <lack of> bobber!

You will have fun fishing with Grant.

Good luck,
That racket is pretty "useful" for catch and release on all those big, fat, belly full of egg & shrimp mudcats also. :smash:
Not that I would ever do that, but has anyone beat 35 yds. yet? :laugh: :laugh: :jester:
He wouldn't let me touch the racket, I had to catch and throw bare handed! All I know is they are very aerodynamic!
I think we got it filled. Thanks to everyone for your help.

Hopefully I will break that 35 yd record on tuesday!
Steelie69-sent you a PM :depressed: :depressed:

SG :flowered:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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