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Guess I'm in the "like to solo" crowd... Part of its just kind of foreign to me, in the Chesapeake we never did any hoglining at all.
I still remember the first time I actually saw one on the CR I thought they were all a bunch Buffett fans or something. I also boat solo alot anyways and anchoring by myself when there aint a bunch of boats right next to me is stressful enough.
Bottom line tho, sounds like its a communal thing. I'd be interested to know for sure if its as cool as you say to just line up in any old line out there and expect everyone to be cool and welcoming. I've definitely heard stories to the contrary (ie: OC during springer season)...
It would be good to hear more opinions from the oldtimer crowd on this one.
I do realize now that there's a reason people line up at the spots they do... because those spots are known to funnel the fish. But theres alot of productive water out there that dont have hoglines.
1 - 1 of 40 Posts
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