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OMG! possible Saturday bottomfish window!!

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Very early Windy forecast looks nice!
Please hold up!
Wait. Got to check the tides too.
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For those of you with lots of experience with Garibaldi, how’s that bar crossing on that large out going?
I was planning on crossing back at 11 anyways to avoid it.
I'll be running out of GB as long as it holds.

Unless I missed something, tide is ebbing from 5:30 to 11:30, which is perfect for a quick trip down to the rocks. On that tide, however, I would definitely plan to be back across by 11:30.
It's incoming from 4:28 am to 10:35 am at Garibaldi. Which tide station do you use for there? Should I be using Barview instead?
Are you heading to Three Arches?
You want the tide at Barview Station.
Thanks I guess I better be in by 11 am for sure!
Was a great day today(Saturday) with my son and buddies.
4 limits of lingcod. Threw back 4 keeper sized ones while looking to limit on rockfish. Which we didn’t do.
Unfortunately our two crab traps were robbed. Only one female inside for a 5 hour soak. In a spot that always produces.
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Garibaldi bar - we did cross the bar around 9:30 about 30 mph and after dropping pots half way to Twin Rocks, headed south at 35+. Limited on lings & things and went back to pick up pots at nearly 40. Flatest ocean in years. We crossed the bar inbound about 3:00 and it was gnarly, current was ripping. My old 20' boat would have made me pucker and no place for anyone without a fair amount of crossing experience. The only other boat I saw heading in was a big charter. Most of the fleet came in earlier before the ebb started running very hard. It was a great day to be out after the long winter's horrible seas.
We crossed around 12:30-1 and it was starting to get lumpy.
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