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OMG! possible Saturday bottomfish window!!

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Very early Windy forecast looks nice!
Please hold up!
Wait. Got to check the tides too.
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For those of you with lots of experience with Garibaldi, how’s that bar crossing on that large out going?
I was planning on crossing back at 11 anyways to avoid it.
There's a good possibility that it could get restricted, but with the 8-10 second swell it will probably be ok. If not you might have to wait till low slack to get back in.
You all realize they're calling for flat without saying flat sat and Sunday? If anyone cancels or doesn't fish because of forecast needs to truly reevaluate owning a boat. Bar or tide don't matter. Fact.
We were out today and crossed back in around 1:30, in the middle of the big exchange and it was fine. There's no swell to worry about.
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1 - 2 of 76 Posts