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OMG! possible Saturday bottomfish window!!

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Very early Windy forecast looks nice!
Please hold up!
Wait. Got to check the tides too.
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Windy still has Friday and Saturday as very nice from Newport
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Stellar day Saturday!
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How are u planning on eating that eel. I caught one last year in a crab pot. It ate a dozen crab in the pot. After watching it slither around the deck I got to thinking. How am I gonna cook that. That one swam away. But after some research they are supposed to be delicious
The guy that caught it had some idea apparently. He was nice enough to give me a couple pieces, I'm planning to fry it tonight. I will say there was WAY more meat on there than I initially thought. He did a great job filleting it, simple skeleton, a gut pouch and the rest a very firm, dense, very white flesh. Reminded me of black cod in texture and color and I know those are fantastic. They mostly feed on crustaceans, and that's why everyone likes cabazon so much, I know there's some varying opinions on keeping them, I've always let them go, but I wasn't going to tell a guest on a free trip he couldn't keep it, and I have to say after seeing the flesh I'm excited to try it.
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