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OMG! possible Saturday bottomfish window!!

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Very early Windy forecast looks nice!
Please hold up!
Wait. Got to check the tides too.
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Pretty flat down here, surprised it’s been restricted. Tomorrow & Sat looking promising.

Unrestricted at 1500 disregard.
"Bar or tide don't matter" Possibly the worst advice I've ever read on Ifish. That may be true this weekend when it's flat out with no wind, but I sure hope someone with less experience doesn't read this and take it to be true all the time, that's how people die.

An 8' exchange is something to ALWAYS be wary of. You'd be an absolute idiot to not at least take note of when and how big the tides are every single time you plan on going out.
Fact. It’s very smart to pay attention to the conditions on the Tillamook bar.

I was out solo on Friday, dropped three pots outside and went down to three arches. Got my fish. What a beautiful day and man I love being out on the ocean ocean. Crabbing was slow for me.
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Friday as well:
Cloud Water Sky Fluid Lake
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