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Olympia information

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Here is something to think about from the WDFW Commission meeting yesterday:
The Pacific Council's Highly Migratory Species Management Team just completed its first stock assesment and fishery evaluation (SAFE) document that is an annual report wich includes an update on the status of the stocks managed under the plan. For albacore tuna, there was an assessment done in 2004 wich indicates that, while the stock is fairly healthy, overfishing is occurring on a stockwide basis (i.e., the fisheries are catching higher amounts than what would yield a sustainable fishery over the long-term). The Pacific Council is currently exploring to what extent, if any, participation in the albacore fishery should be constrained.
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Bend over sportfishermen, comfish is going to stick us again!
Nothing more than is expected.

Look for Sportfish limits of around 5 Tuna.

Limits to how many rods fished

Maybe take away the handline provisions

Tuna onboard only fishing

Maybe even a restriction on how far out you can Sportfish them:shrug:

It's gonna happen sooner than later:hoboy:
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Truly complete and utter bs!!! when I/we start impacting the millions or billions of metric tons with my 30 or 40 fish per year I'll yield something.... I know I'm preaching to the choir... but every once in a while... TO THE MOON!!!!!!

If a commercial(not a jig) boat just missed one landing of fish it would make up for any fish that we in oregon could catch in a year...
Well since you guys have an opinion & are so interested ( :idea: ) I will let you in on something.

At the upcoming tunaholics convention we will be having a panel discussion that will focus a great deal on HMS management. I am still working on the guest list, but I have confirmation from one member of the HMS Advisory Committee.

It is inevitable that federal sport limits are on the way. The question is.....to what extent can we affect the process and come up with a result we feel is "fair."
Wow, times are changing! Thanks for the update.
So what is realy initiating this possibility of limits on Sports fishermen, Some Lobyest from some other group who think we are getting too many of their fish since last season was not as good as previous seasons. Just a question in consperiacy theory form. :shrug:
Well if you truly want the real answer...... it would be a bit long. I'll attempt a summary.

The first thing you have to do is understand how the fishery management process works. It can be categorized by the international regulatory bodies, the US Federal body which is the PFMC (Pacific Fishery Management Council), and the state bodies.

The international bodies are focuse primarily on commercial fisheries. Our PFMC focuses on both commercial and recreational. So most of our (sport) influence at this time is through the PFMC.

The PFMC has a "triangular" structure with (1) the primary council which has VOTING authority (i.e. the final decision makers); (2) the specific management teams, which focus on the science related to the particular fishery (and are non-voting), and (3) the advisory subpanels which represent the constituents, and provide guidance / input to the management teams (non-voting).

Albacore fall under the Highly Migratory Species (HMS) management advisory bodies. There is an advosory subpanel:

HMS Advisory Subpanel

and a management team:

HMA Management Team

The chairman of the advisory subpanel is Mr Bob Fletcher. He is very well respected, very knowledgeable on fisheries management, and very influential this subject of HMS. He is also the head of the Sportfishing Association of California. Mr Fletcher's Bio:

I have it on good authority that Mr Fletcher has publicly taken a stand that....the US should unilaterally (voluntarily) initiate a sport limit on tuna; that this would send a good-faith statement to the international fisheries management community, and give the US a "leg-up" in future negotiations. He has also stated / suggested that a limit of 5 - 10 fish be "considered."

One of my reactions to this is that....as well-respected as Mr Fletcher is, he has a very close allegiance to the charterboat industry....and specifically the southern California charterboat industry. And if you look at it from their perspective, the (non-6-pack) boats take 20 - 40 people at a time, and rarely get more than 3-5 tuna per rod. And the boats fishing out of San Diego often fish in Mexican waters, where there is a 5 fish limit.

Please attend the tunaholics convention in Newport on Feb 18th...and participate in the panel discussion. We will have Bob Osborne in attendance, who is on the HMS Advisory Subpanel. You can ask questions, and learn how to effectively participate & lobby for your beliefs.

We really need to get a united front on this.....and send a consistent message to those who are making the decisions. The recipients of these messages would include:
- various members of the PFMC
- the ODFW Commission
- various US congressmen & senators
- various state legislators
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Mark Mc,
Thanks for sharing your information. :applause:

At this point the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is requesting legislaion that would require a state license for albacore fishing. So far, I've not yet heard of a daily limit. However, I'm sure that we'll see such a proposal in the not to distant future.

Every time I go to reply to this subject I have to delete my post.
I am going to leave it at that for now.
I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

I thought the Salty Dogs would like a "heads up".

Warmest regards,
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