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Old Mill in Garibaldi

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For those of you that haven’t heard the Old Mill in Garibaldi has new owners. The RV portion has reopened already. I met with one of the new owners yesterday and they have significant plans to enhance the facility and the marina :applause:.
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Fantastic! That is great news...... :cheers:

Any talk on the dredging of the channel? I love Old Mill marina!!
Even more important - live bait facility?
Indeed they are going to dredge the marina and channel. In fact they may even expand the present marina to hold twice as many boats. Good point Dean! I will find out
That's real good news. Garibaldi needs more launching and parking space. In the fall it is a mad house with only one place to launch a boat and parking places all taken. I hope they make a go of it as it seems to be a place that everyone who has it goes broke or doesn't make it work out succesfully.
Good Luck;
Dean, I spoke with the owners and they would be very interested in providing Live Bait for the central oregon coast. Do you have the number for them (I believe it is West Port Seafood that provides the bait for Ilwaco). PM me if you have it.
PM'd you
This is super news. We were members for decades and the dredging was always an issue. Live bait would be very cool to have! Since our coast house is right across the bay from Old Mill it will be great to see it all filled up.
A little added information. The new owners are local people,
and are very involved, with the area. So far no requests for dredgeing, has come before the city of Garibaldi, from the new owners, but I'm sure it will be forth-comming.
This whole thing sounds great! ,with the work planed on the jetty and old mill open whoo hoo!
Their First goal is to get the RV park up and running and the other supporting facilities (Club House, restrooms, etc.). Next will come the marina. Thanks for the PM dean, they are going to call Wesport Seafood next week and begin discussions with them about providing live bait to the Old Mill.
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