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Okuma Spinning Reel ?

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Been shopping for a new steelhead spinning reel. One that has caught my eye is the Okuma Epixor Baitfeeder Reel. The EB 30 looks like the model I want. One of the options that this reel offers is a bait feeder mode that disengages the spool for controled line feed with out opening the bail. Seems to me this would come in handy when drift fishing and wanting to extend a drift. I'm also wondering if it would work when fishing a jig float combo (how much tension is needed to pull line off the reel with out screwing up your bobber).

Has anyone fished this series of reels. Give me your feedback whether it be positive or negative. :shrug:

Thanks, Pearl
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I have a Okuma FINA spooled with 14lb fireline... its on my 9'6 rod for steelie bobbers... Sweet reel..with my other spool of 8lb Izorline I cast from here to there... nicely
I have a Okuma Epixor EF30 spinning reel that I just started to use for bobber/jig fishing and absolutely love it. It is the smoothest spinning reel I have ever owned. The drag system is very adjustable and very smooth and it has the reverse feed switch also so I can extend my drifts longer at the end if I want to. It handled a 15-20lb nook this last Sunday I hooked in fast water on a jig just fine. This fish was exstremely hot and made two very long runs before bending the hooks on my jig (not a firstcast jig unfortunately). The drag system worked flawlessly and I was very impressed with the quick line pick-up this reel had trying to chase down this fish. I highly recommend the Okuma reel I have.


PS, I bought this reel on a recommendation of a very good guide freind who uses them. He also really likes them because of their quality.

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I have three of them. Absolutely the sweetest spinning reels I have ever owned
I tried one of the EB30's thinking maybe I could use the bait feeder feature for extending drifts float fishing. Unfortunately, the bait feeder drag doesn't adjust light enough for this to work very well.

A nice reel otherwise.
I just picked up a AV40 and tryed it this last weekend and I think it's one of the best spinning reels out there on the market, I shure hope Fisherlady76 well like it as much as I do, and I don't use a spinning reel, well this weekend I did.
Great price under 40.00 bucks.

Tight Lines River-Rat.
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