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I was wondering ,some times do you shoot to much and start fiddling with you Bow because of poor preformance from fatigue :confused::confused::confused::confused:,I have too much spare time ,and I have ( or feel like ) I have been shooting to much and fiddling with my Bow :shrug::crazy::crazy::crazy::crazy: ,do any of you have an issue with this or do I suffer Cabin/hunting fever :shrug:
Sounds like cabin fever fella. It makes more sense to practice perfect then to just practice so long you develop bad habits. If a person needs to shoot everyday then just shoot a few at a time and then come back again periodically through out the day.. I like to just shoot one arrow from an unknown distance, walk away turn around do it again and again. We all already know where out bows are hitting at 20-30-40 etc....

Shoot something like 10-12 arrows at a time and then walk away.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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