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Oil slick

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Fished Kelly point on the 30th, slow for gators. A few small shakers. About 1130 we see a small oil sheen, then a boom boat goes by ,then another.
I should have taken that as a sign. Then next thing I know is am surrounded by the oil, black sticky stuff. Sea socs,anchor rope and a real nice strip on the boat. And lets not forgot the tuff line on the reels that had to up thru that stuff. The suff is everwhere.
Anyone else get caugth in the stuff? I saw a bunch of boats down at frenchmens, you guys stay out of it?
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whats a "boom boat" and why is it leaking oil?
A "boom boat" is a boat that's used to deploy a boom. In this case, it sounds like an oil-containment boom. All the petroleum facilites along the water are required to have spill-response boats and containment equipment. When I worked for an oil company we had a Super Vee that we kept in a boathouse on the Willamette along with booms and cleanup stuff.
I haven't heard about a spill, but I'm not working this weekend so I'm not down at any of the terminals. :whazzup:
I was at Frenchmans Yesterday and got the stuff all over my boat, fishing lines, anchor rope and sea anchors. I have only been able to get 1./2 of it off my boat so far scrubbing it with denatured alcohol.
I turned it in to the police as soon as I got home. They saif\d they would report it to DEQ and EPA.
We got in it too :depressed: I called 911 as soon as I saw what was happening. They said it had been about 200 gallons spilled and they were getting it taken care of. What a mess :mad: Luckily I just left my line in when I first saw it coming by the boat, so only had about 3' of it on the line. I used Mike's Herring oil to get it off in the boat. My husband had reeled in just before it hit, so he was fine. The boat on the other hand had a gooey mess on it. WD-40 takes it right off. It did take some time, but finally got the boat pretty clean.

Dipnet :grin:
1 million and 2 uses for WD40. Will it never end? Finding new uses for the miracle working WD40?

Nice tip. Thanks

Just thought of other products you might be able to use on the boats to get it off. Brakeclean or Lectra-Motive (for cleaning electrical things). Both are made by CRC.

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Do not use brakeclean on a fiberglass boat. I contains chlorinated solvents, and may damage the gelcoat.
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