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OFFICIAL 2023 Columbia River Spring Chinook Thread

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I haven鈥檛 see the official thread started. If it has been I will delete.

Anyway. Plan on doing a shakedown on Friday. Although it may be a little chilly.
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I have zero confidence that any of us armchair experts could do better. The truly unimpressive track record belongs to human development.
I wish more people had this sentiment.
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Back to the question, does the Columbia open tomorrow below I-5 for Steelhead and Jacks?
ODFW says yes
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Even if they did reopen the river back up down here below Longview the river is totally blown out. Incase you don't watch the news up the Toutle River there was a massive mud slide that took out one bridge and part of the Spirit Lake HWY. and the Cowlitz is pumping pure mud and logs into the Columbia. Yesterday we were out for shad the electronics were telling us our goto spots were still spot on as far as the travel lane and fished for 6 hours and only got 4 to bite. You can stick your arm in the water up to your elbow and can't even see where you hand is at.
I drove to Seattle and back yesterday and was wondering what happened to the Toutle. Vanilla Milkshake. The Cowlitz didn't look terrible.
If it was looking at the Cowlitz as you crossed the I-5 bridge there by the Vader-Toledo exit that is like 12 miles up river from the mouth of the Toutle
aha! Thanks. I do not know those rivers well but always check them out when driving by. I do a TON of PDX-SEA-PDX trips. Need to get up there and do some fishing.

I almost always have a few rods in the rig. I just don't know where to go! Is there any decent fishing at any of the rivers close to the i5 bridges?
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