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OFFICIAL 2023 Columbia River Spring Chinook Thread

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I haven鈥檛 see the official thread started. If it has been I will delete.

Anyway. Plan on doing a shakedown on Friday. Although it may be a little chilly.
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Good luck馃憤
Made it out today. Water was calm and 3鈥 vis. Marked some fish, not many. There were more sealions in the river than salmon on my graph :puke: Going for more tomorrow :dunno:
Your doin fine. Let the dropper hit the bottom. Reel 2 cranks an fish馃憤
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Made it out today blanked. Seals were a little thinner. Then so were the Salmon.
Good luck to everybody who made it out. I decided to make it executive decision and stay out of the mud hole.
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I 馃檹馃檹馃檹 there鈥檚 a extension. We blanked 3 days of troll 2 rods. Like to give it another shot. Till that happens I鈥檒l be looking for other 馃帲馃帲馃帲馃帲
Outstanding! Changed my boat over to kokanee fishing. then realized that they opened back up till the fourth. the heck with it. I鈥檓 going koke fishing. Obviously that was a bad mistake because you got just as many fish as I did Kokanee lol Good eats馃憤
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