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I'm looking over my notes and it's just the small area for now. There was a suggestion they consider the larger lagoon as it's a thermal refuge.

As far as better access and facilities this sounds like a great project and I know where the $$$ can be found for such a project. Something the NW Steelheaders would surely be interested in. Now, where the heck is Herman Creek!

Does anyone know if the intire cove at Herman creek will be for handicap only or will there still be fishing allowed outside the channel. Not to many handicap fisherman chest deep off the point or in pontoons. I'm sure the nets will still be allowed to fill the cove.:frown:
I have no problem with the channel being handicap only but I hope the cove is still available for the chance at a 20 lb. summer.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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