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O\'dell.... rough 3 day weekend 5/11/03

Weather: Windy/wet
Temp: 30-45
Water Temp: 44

Macks: Asolutely NOTHING/ ZILTCH. Didnt even SEE one caught and the bino's were out. Switched over to Kokes in fear of mutiny.

Kokes: faired a little better. Caught most on pink Nordic and orange Hexagon Hooker. piece of corn on both. Surface fish like a fast, agressive jig, while the deeper fish do well with slower, longer jig. Caught fish from 25 to 100 feet. Fish were schooled up around Trapper Creek. VERY SLOW fishing.

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Re: O\'dell.... rough 3 day weekend 5/11/03

Is it ever not windy up there?
Thanks for the report. Might be heading up when it gets a little warmer.

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