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Fishing The Coast, Oregon and Washington


October 2017

1, 2017


Can you even believe it is October? You guys, next thing you
know, it's going to be Christmas. It's already on my mind. What am I going
to buy this person, or that. Are you thinking that way, too? Of course,
I won't do anything about it, until the week before Christmas, as usual,
but I'm trying! I so badly don't want to go thru that rush! I want everything
done, now! You know, so that I can enjoy Christmas! I want to be able to
do things like crafts, and sing carols, and falalalalala!

Anyhow, this is really short. Just wanted to wish you a happy October! Let's
have sausage, potatoes and sauerkraut!

5th, 2017


My dog is smarter than your dog! OK, maybe not,
but he does amaze me. I keep thinking about Thumper and how he'd
say my last dog was beautiful, but a bit dingy... but this dog,
Willie... Well, Thumper, let me tell you! He's beautiful, and smart! Really, really smart!
Get this.

When I first decided he was brilliant, I was laying in bed in
the morning. For a couple days, we's been missing his bunny. That's
a stuff animal he loves to carry around. (Yeah, I know!) Anyhow...
Mr. Bunny was lost. Willie knows how to look for things. How?
Well, I sing a song. Every time he hears that song, he listens
for the item, and goes in search. So, it was "Where is
your bunny? Willie? Where is your bunny???"

Willie goes in search for sung item, noting the worried look on
my face and in my voice.

Wait! I kid you not!

So, I was laying in bed, and it came to me where the bunny was!
I said in a loud voice, "Willie! I remember where
bunny is! It's in our fort!
" (Hush!) Yes. we have
several forts and one main fort.

So, Willie jumped off the bed, ran downstairs, across the field,
and as I looked out the window, he raced into the fort and came
out with bunny! YAY! He ran up the stairs and onto my bed, triumphant!
Bunny was back! He was so proud!

The major source of lost items, however, is his favorite toy.
A flashlight.

Ever since Willie was a puppy, he's been fascinated with flashlights.
When allowed, Willie carries his flashlight, wrapped in several
layers of duck tape, so that it won't hurt his teeth! A lost flashlight
though, is more expensive than a lost bunny. So, he only gets
his flashlight when accompanied by Mom. I can buy bunnies at Goodwill.
Not so much a Coast flashlight!

See, the owner of Coast saw a video of Willie being enamored with
a Coast flashlight that was lost, so he sent Willie a really nice
flashlight! I'm so envious! Willie carries the Coast, and I have
a cheapo they sold on television. No fair!

Thing is, when I give Willie his flashlight, he takes it and turns
to check if I have mine, too. AND it has to be on. These are Willie's
rules. He won't budge unless we both have flashlights ON.

I keep our treasured flashlights in my little chair that I pack
around, for when I need to sit. Willie knows where this little
chair is, at all times. Good thing, because I tend to leave it
here or there, carelessly. If I forget where it is, Willie knows!
No need, even for a song. I just say, "Willie? Where are
the flashlights?" He'll take me to the exact location. Every

Once, I left my chair out by the river and Bill picked it up and
placed it in the back of his UTV, while we were at the ocean beach.
We had no idea!

So, come play time, I asked Willie with frustration, after looking
in the normal spots, (Bill was not at home.) "Willie!? Where
in the heck are our flashlights?" Flashlights mean play time
and of course, he's motivated.

Willie ran outside, straight to the UTV. Who am I to doubt, but
frankly, it couldn't be in there, because I hadn't driven the
UTV lately.

I said to Willie, "No... not in there, sweetie." and
continued my search. Oh, me of little faith!

But, tell me. How would he know? He couldn't see up in the back.
I'm still puzzled!

I gave up the search after looking everywhere, and called Willie
away from the UTV. I gave up and was heading inside. He was not
giving up, on the other hand! He was keeping guard on that darn
machine. Seeing my defeat, Willie finally jumped up in the front
of the UTV and then through the window to the back and started
to scratch and bark madly at something.

Curious, I went over there, and darnit to heck, there it was in
the back of that UTV!! There was my chair with the flashlights
in it! What in the world?

He couldn't see them, so I guess he smelled it? I don't know!
How else?

Thumper, Willie is smart, darnit! Really, really smart!

12th, 2017

Ohmyohmyohmy... Ever had to change e mails? What a pain! But
what a royal pain after so many years of use! I have to finally change my
ifish e mails that I all my friends and business people have used to get
ahold of me for over 20 years.

I kind of feel like my identity is being stripped from me. First, having
my car stolen, then comes the Equifax and other security breeches, and now
I am not known as the e mail address I have repeated to people so many times?
The address I have on business cards, and financial services, and... hoh

So... who am I, if not [email protected]?

I guess I'm going to buy a new domain. It's possible for me to make all
these changes. It will just be very time consuming, but what about Bill?
His e mail will also change, and I will need to do that for him, since he's
not very computer literate.

In thinking of new domains for me, (I just had a thought! Shall we have
a contest to name my new domain?!) I thought, "No... Bill wouldn't
want a domain for his e mail like Jennie.com. How would that sound? [email protected]?
Nope. Even if it were available, which I'm sure it isn't. So, it has to
be something that would fit us both.

I thought of "attheriver.com" but, that's kind of hard to spell.
Those double "T"s get people confused. Just plain theriver.com
is certainly not available.

Anyhow... I'm thinking. Just thinking out loud! If you have any great ideas,
let me know! Everything to do with "the Kilchis" has been taken,
that I have tried. Plus, I can't count the times I've had to spell "kilchis"
for people. Just "Kilchis" alone.

Domains should be easy to remember, easy to spell, and all of those have
been taken.

I remember back to the days I was just starting out, and I had my choice
of nearly anything! The guy who helped me and was my mentor was ahead of
the game. He was one of those that collected domain names and sold them,
later. Smart man! He had the right idea, there! I wonder if he has any that
I would be interested in!? Don!? :)

Well, it's pouring down rain and I'm to drive to the coast, today. I can't
wait to get home, but at the same time, I don't prefer driving in the pouring
down rain! :)

Have a great weekend, people and I hope this rain brings those fish in!

13th, 2017


Steelhead, chanterelles and nasturtiums, oh my!

With the turn of my heater knob in the car, Summer turned
to Fall. All at once. There was no "gradual" about it! No air
conditioning getting used less and less. It just went from blasting cold
air to blasting heat, overnight!

</cutthroat> to steelhead

</swimming pools> to rain boots

</fuscias> to fading nasturtiums

</soft summer lawns> to crackling leaves under foot

and I just realized that not many will understand the coding to all that,
so... never mind. It's just that this: </> means "end".
Oh, never mind...

I had to go get kerosene yesterday to heat the garage, which is where I
work in Oregon City. Remember when Kerosene was an economical alternative
to electricity? Well, no more! It's like liquid gold! I buy 2.5 gallons,
which could be used up in one cold day! And that costs $20.00! It's 10 dollars
a gallon! I used to find K-1 in 5 gallon cans, but no more! I don't know
what's up with that, but they don't sell them anymore. Pretty soon, they'll
sell it in little 5 ounce vial for $99.00!! LOL. I mean, what's happening?
Why is it so expensive? I did a google search, and they say it's because
it's not used much. OK. Then give it to me! I'll take it! If there is no
demand, then why the price? I don't get it! And, literally speaking, I may_not_
buy it anymore. I'm trying to figure out a less expensive alternative. It
might just be back to electricity! Ha! All I know is </kerosene> (Got

OK. Let me tell you about what's going on with the picture thing on the
board. Several people started complaining about the larger, unresized pictures
on ifish.

A couple years ago, we thought we took care of that problem by adding an
auto resize feature. It worked lovely, until some folks started downloading
ad blockers, which in turn, blocked the auto resize feature. It took me
forever to figure that out, but as soon as I figured it out, people started
complaining about a message they got on ifish about "expired tokens".
They reported that they were no longer able to upload pictures.

Well, turns out that this problem is due to people that didn't clear their
cache, or because the picture was just too large. So, since cameras are
now letting us take larger pictures and fewer people understand how to make
those smaller... AND with increasing numbers of people with unlimited data,
therefore, web developers are not so concerned about how large a page is...
well, Verticalscope "upped" the limit (the size) on pictures.
It used to be that pictures could no longer be more than, say, 100k. Now,
they are multiple times that. So, we took the limit away. I thought that
was generous of them, and would be great!

However, in so doing, somehow, somewhere, the auto resize thing got messed

Agh! Technology gives me a headache, sometimes. I'm too old for these problems!
It's fun to be able to understand what's going on, and I do enjoy investigating
why these things happen, and I do enjoy fixing it for my lovely ifish people...
but, man! It's one thing after another! I just want it fixed at this point.

Plus, it's so hard to get the message out, about what's going on. If I post
it in one place, then I get "contact us" complaints about it,
and I tell them to read the post I posted. But, by that time, there is a
new problem! Ha!

I have a headache this morning. It's cold. It's winter. Welcome to migraine
season, with the barometer up and down.

I tell ya what I'm going to do. I'm going to pack it up and hit the coast!
I was going to go yesterday, but by golly, we were hit by darn tornadoes!
WHAT? Yes! In Oregon! My sister lives in Barlow, and reported that she could
see it happening. Just bizarre.

I'm rambling. I know that... I just got up and the coffee is coming alive
in me! Off to read my e mail, answer all the stages of confusion from the
ifishers with mystery picture problems, and then head to the coast.

Hey, Willie! Want to go see Revvie? :) :) :)

Sounds fun to me! Stop on the way and look for chanterelles? YES!

19th, 2017

Every morning, I get up and take care of ifish, take a shower,
and then Willie, Revvie and Maize and I take a walk. Our route most often
includes going round the back of the woods, and down to the river, along
the river to the end of the property, and home.

Maize, our black and mostly white kitty is learning to be a fishing cat.
She's also learning about canoes, although so far, she's learned she doesn't
want to go in one, with me... yet.

Molly, our white and mostly black kitty that just passed had no problems
being in the canoe with me! We paddled hither and yon, and had a grand time!

The rain was pouring and Bill was out of town at the doctors. I knew the
river was going to come up, so I battled the pouring rain to go get the
canoe, and bring it up for the winter. Wah. I don't like this time of year
for that reason. I love my canoe, and I love hunting the river for treasures.
It's also just fun to "go where no man can go". I love being able
to access the water, when most kitties and people have to stay on shore.

It's funny. When I cross the river, I hear the most mournful "meowww"
from Miss Maize Mae, calling me back to shore. She'll learn to get in that
canoe, yet! See? She wants to go with me!

I went out with the animal gang to go check the wildlife cam. I said to
Bill, jokingly, that I bet we had one deer. That's what we usually have.

But, no. Take a look. One hour and 20 minutes after Willie, Revvie and I
were walking thru. By the time this picture was taken, I was maybe a football
field downstream, but still in the locale. That Beaky Bobcat!

Click here to zoom so you can see!

Here is another pic, but he's
hidden. Can you find him? :)

Kind of scary for kitty to be in the woods, though. I better
keep better track of her. It's so scary out here in the woods for little
kitties. I wish they'd just stay home. It is so fun to have her with me,
but I worry! And looks like there is good reason! Yes?

I'm not going to go into much detail about the things that are broken around
this house, but Bill and I have been quite busy calling electricians and
appliance repair people. In fact, last night I was excited about our "almost
Thanksgiving" dinner. We had a big roasted chicken. We were going to
cook it on the Traeger, but we got the dreaded "Ler" code. That's
Traeger speak for "no fire". Great. So, we put it in the oven,
and the oven stopped.

That's OK. The day before we had no power to our dryer, to our hot water
tank, or the office! Oh, my. It's been fun playing "Alaska Bush People".

The oven has a lower oven and I think we cooked the rest of it good enough
in the lower oven, but... too late. We had already devoured the stuffing,
mashed potatoes and gravy, before the chicken was done.

I guess we'll have it, tonight. :)

27th, 2017

I have been a very busy girl. So busy that I'm exhausted, and can't think of anything I want to do, today, more than just to stay in my jammies and not leave this house! LOL. I want to play in the fallen leaves. Maybe pick up a couple piles, rake a little, cut down the asparagus ferns, pull the tomatoes... you know, a "dabble in the garden" type day!

I have had so much to do, and yesterday I was so tired- or should have been! I only got a couple hours sleep the night before. I should have felt awful, but instead, I was happy! Alive! Giggling! Looking at the trees and the sky and thinking how beautiful this earth is!

Oh! There is this one tree, here in Oregon city. I think it's a maple. It's HUGE and it's bright yellow! You can get lost if you walk under it and look up. It's like it goes on, forever. There is no way you can walk past it, and not marvel at its glory! It makes such a statement!

Every time I go by, I want someone to be outside, so that we can marvel, together! I want someone else to justify my awe! I MUST take a picture and share it with you! How Great Thou Art! That's some awesome art, too!

There is something about stress, and having so much to do that is just wrong. We shouldn't feel like that. I think it is against God's will to have us feel like that.

Sometimes I think I have a bit of PTSD or something. You know, from having my aortic dissection and from having my son die. Things like that rush into my brain sometimes, and make me breathless and panicked. Then, on top of that, I have so much to do. It's when I have so much to do, that I begin the panic about Andrew and about health things.

So, today... I'm clearing my mind of all that, and I'm going to go stare at my tree for a while. :)

This week, I got a phone call from a friend, and it was SO scary. She is a strong woman, and has a strong voice, but when she called, her voice sounded so tiny. It was awful to hear her like that! Turns out, she had gotten in a very bad accident on 217. I just freaked out. Before she even finished asking me to give her a ride home, I was in the car and on my way. It's amazing how fragile we are. Love one another, because -In one quick instant, an accident can occur that can take our lives, our friends lives, etc.

I can't wait to get back to the river, not only to be "home" and to see Bill, but because I'm so sure that the salmon are all thru out the system, now. After that rain, they have to be!

I put my canoe away, darnit. This would be the perfect time to canoe, with all the dry weather that we have been having. The river will be low enough, now, to be able to handle the canoe, and to be able to view the fish!

Instead, I'm going to catch one, though! YAY!

Bill and I are a bit stressed because we have to have a salmon to smoke for the Holidays, and we are both fish-less!

That's a pretty fun goal to have, though. Isn't it? We must catch a fish! Ha! If that's all that is on my plate, right now, my life is pretty stress free and

I absolutely adore the drive to the coast, when it's sunny and the leaves are blowing at you, hitting your windshield! I do love Fall!

I've got to get out and take Willie for his morning walk, now. It's so funny, so odd, but i sure tells me that Willie is my boss, rather than the other way around. He's always pushing me around, telling me what to do, and when. Right now, he's staring at me. "Take your master on a walk, Jennie!" He is the master. Not me! I guess if that's all the stress I have, today... to walk my dog... that's a pretty darn good day!

So, it's off to see my tree, and bid farewell to those awesome yellow leaves. I'll take my camera to get a picture, but I doubt that an iphone can capture the magic. We'll see!

31, 2017

Let me help
you login!

Happy Halloween!


I promised to share my favorite tree with you. I wish I was with Bill, because he'd know what type of tree it was! Does anyone else know? :) Let me know before Bill does!:)

Isn't it glorious, though? Yesterday, while Willie took me for a walk, the wind was blowing and all of those gorgeous leaves were flying pell-mell through the sky and hitting me and everything else! It was the most awesome thing! Even the guys working on houses stopped and noticed the magic! Lots of "Wow!" going on, on that street! I was so blessed to be a part of it! I smiled all the way home!

Here is another view of the tree, looking kind of up...


Even if you "click to zoom", you'll not understand how absolutely magical this tree is!

I can't wait to get home, but I had to stay here for Halloween, so that I could get in on the trick or treat fun! Poor Bill. I hope someone knocks on his door and trick or treats! He'd be so happy! :)

Happy Halloween to all of you, and I hope no one sees this fun day as something evil. I sure don't. I grew up dressing up for fun, and no one ever thought it was evil?? My Mom, a devout Christian, helped us to dress up and make costumes. Hey! Isn't anything just for fun, anymore? Does it always have to mean something?

All I want to do is have some fun! :)




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