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Fishing The Coast, Oregon and Washington


love The Kilchis River. It's mine. It's yours.
Let's take care of it.


October 2, 2014


This pic made me laugh!

Alright.... sigh. Happy October, and you were first! I forgot
until the 2nd. That's a crime. I know! I know!

Life has been busy for me. Hectic. Wishing I had one day to relax. Or- to
work in the garden, which is fast becoming less and less of a garden, all
the time. I keep hoping that the last of my acorn squash will ripen, but they
just get soggy and fall off. :(

This is so bizarre. I mean, we had the most sunshine, the warmest days, a
longer growing season, and my garden did the poorest I have seen. Ever!

I didn't have an abundance of anything! I shouldn't complain, really. There
was zero waste, but I could use much more than one butternut squash, and two
acorn squash! I was hoping for a winter storage of these things. Nice, organic,
and no need for a trip to the store. I was planning on learning about storing
these things, and trying it out. Darnit. I could eat these, this week and
be successful with my storage experiment, at least!

I have a friend that Id like to see, that's leaving Seaside on Saturday. So,
I'd like to try and see him before he leaves. I've been trying to do that,
and 10dee million other things, too!

I guess I should be happy because I have accomplished most of what I'd set
out to do. It has just left me wanting to stare at this computer screen and
do nothing else for a day! "Nothing" consists of wanting to cook
up something Fall like, and have the time to smell it cooking, to pour myself
a latte, and enjoy the late afternoon sunshine, to enjoy my hobby of watching
storm chasers online, as they chase after big, angry storms in Oklahoma. Nothing
is a fun thing to do!

Our new roommate has moved out, and taken Satie the big dog with him. I think
he was homesick, and is much happier not living somewhere strange. He wrote
me an e mail and told me not to take it personally. He already knew me! I
bowed my head when I saw him again, and said, "You don't like it here."
He laughed, and said he did, but just missed his cat, his Mom and his home.

I get it. It's his first time moving out. At the same time, why didn't my
boys feel sad, moving out at 18? They didn't even turn around to say good
bye! They were like "Outahere!" with a smile. OK, so they did move
back pretty quickly, but... not until after they realized that money is a
real and important commodity!

I'm not sure if I'm going to take today off, and enjoy Fall, or take off for
Seaside, and then head over to Tillamook. I guess I'll just wait and see how
much energy I have.

I sure do understand how retired people feel, now. They wonder how they ever
had time to work. I'm still working, but I have less of a job than when I
truly owned ifish. At least, I have less money!

I do not know how I had time to do everything! In fact, I feel I had more
time then, than now!

PS. If you want to watch live storm chasing, too, this
is a good site
to do it.

You can also download an ap on your iphone/android. I think it's called TVNlive
or something? I'm a big fan. I get so engrossed! Tornado chasing is not for
me, but I can do it from behind a computer screen!

5, 2014

I lived in Cannon Beach Oregon for almost 10 years. It truly
is a beautiful place to live. I happened upon an article about Cannon Beach
last night, and found myself researching it on Google, and finding people
I haven't seen for ages!

I find myself feeling rather lucky regarding the places I've lived.

I was raised in Canby, Oregon. It was perfect, then. No need to expand. It
was the perfect place to grow up. Then, I was onto Southwest Portland. But,
not for long!

Soon, I found my wandering self in Cannon Beach! I loved
it for its beauty and flat, soft beaches. For the fun I had living in a small
community where you drive down main street, and have to constantly wave. I
knew everyone. I loved walking to the Round Table each morning for breakfast--
Filling up on sweet, fluffy pancakes and town gossip, and then walking back
barefoot on the soft sands.

Sometimes I'd wake up early and fish a local creek for the biggest jacks I've
ever caught!

I adored the cultural experiences of performing at or attending events at
the Coaster Theatre. Oh, I just had so much fun!
Seaside, although the time was short, I had more fun fishing
on the 12th avenue bridge. I bought a boat, once, and totally refinished the
bottom with fiberglass. I called it "The Cosmic Muffin" and dropped
it into the Necanicum. It was so tippy, that once I hooked a salmon and had
to cut the line or I was going down! I found it much more appropriate for
trout, or jack salmon, later in...
Warrenton, for its nearby fishing, and the times I'd rush
to the jetty, catch a couple fish and be home before my husband had to get
to work.

We had Smith Lake across the road. Once I took the Cosmic Muffin out for a
cruise with Andrew. We dropped anchor made of a milk jug, full of rocks and
fished for bass. I rowed back, and the rowing was extremely difficult! Exhausted,
and finally upon arrival to shore, I found my anchor dragging half of the
weeds from the lake. Um. I forgot to pull anchor!? That was hard work!
Astoria, for the beautiful view I had from our South slope
home. The entire front of the home was glass, floor to ceiling, and the view
of the bay and the sunset over the ocean was beyond what words could describe.
My son said it well! David, at six years old gazed out the window and said,
"God has the most beautiful color crayons!"


Then, and finally, to the Kilchis River.
Need I say more?


(You have to click on this. You must!)

Willie and I were out at dusk last night. Every night as I set
my fork down on my plate, he knows it is time. He begins to "spring"
about the house, heading for the door, back to check on my progress, and back
towards the door.

It is unsettling, but at the same time, he keeps me going. (Oh, boy, does

I grab the duck chair, and it's off to the races.

We do this three times a day. Once, in the morning, once at noon, and once,
after dinner. I sing for him, as he carries the flashlight, and races around
the yard. I don't get the point. I don't know why I have to sing, but it all
works. If I don't sing, he doesn't run. If he doesn't run, then he's got too
much energy for me to handle.

The other day, I went to visit Don Gach. He was the mentor, who helped me
to create ifish.net. It was so good to see him!

Afterwards, Willie and I went to Arcadia beach. Willie has been to the Garibaldi
bay beaches, but never, ever to the ocean beach! We had a blast!

I'd stomp around for clam shows, and point to the ground and he'd dig. As
if we'd get one! But, it was fun and we had most of the beach goers laughing
at him! What a talented clammer he was! He has brought up a Garibaldi beach
clam, but razors, I suppose are much too fast.

It's a bit sad here at the Kilchis, these days. Things are changing. The neighbors
are all moving, and I miss the familiar site of Pat, down the road, walking
each morning. I miss the very fact that Kay and her husband aren't going to
be next door, even though time flew too fast for us to become the friends
that I'd hoped we'd be.

It's always exciting to think that we'll meet new friends, but the homey feel
of community is changing.

Amazing, isn't it? How life is always changing and nothing ever, ever stays
the same.

It's just part of the way that is life. I have learned from experience, though,
that it will all be OK. No matter how deep of a hurt or loss, or how strong
of a change...

It's all going to be alright.

October 12, 2014

Watch the OHS telethon on KATU 2 or stream it live

It's been a strange week!

The last couple days I've been sick with some kind of strange flu/food poisoning. I'm finally starting to feel like a normal person, though! It was a short illness. 24 hour bug or something. The strange part is that I came home on Thursday, and my roommate, Tammy, was sick in bed. I immediately started with the extreme hand washing, but to no avail. I caught it almost instantly (!?) and in 24 hours, I had it! Is that possible? Well, it happened! The same exact symptoms! The same exact time frame! Just bizarre!

It started with feeling extremely hungry, then immediately sick after eating. Then, a fever for a short duration, and then stomach pains that wouldn't quit for the next 24 hours!!!

So, on Thursday, that morning, I had been at the beach, and getting ready to go fishing. That morning, Bill and I had a total miscommunication.

It started as a frustrating morning.

Let me tell you. Willie pretty much runs my life. When I was ill, it was downright frustrating. That dog needs. Period. He just needs!

I love him so dearly, but he also drives me batty.

When I was visiting Don from Seasurf last week in Seaside, his wife mentioned she wanted a dog, but Don thought it would take up too much time. It depends! During this conversation, though, I told him that wasn't true, and that he should get a dog! I'm a liar! Sometimes... oh, sometimes you get a dog that does take up too much of your time. Other times...

As always, though, it's an equals thing. The more you put into something, the more you get out of it. (woof!) I would never trade Willie for anything. As bad as he is, he is awesome!

I remember back to when I had Kilchis, and I had my aortic surgery. I couldn't do anything but lay in bed, and he got used to it. He was needy, also, but not like Willie! Kilchis lay on my bed, and you could tell he had sympathy. I'd watch from bed as the boys or Bill took Kilchis out to the river. It was heart breaking for me, but Kilchis learned to adapt, and then would come right back to me, happy and wagging.

Willie? Not a chance. He's glued to my side, and not always happy about it. If he wants to run, he lets me know it. He paws, and whines, and oh my gosh! He drives me batty! He will not let me rest!

I try to tell myself that he is keeping me alive, by keeping me on the run!

When I had the flu this week, he just plain didn't allow for it.

The same for Bill and I going fishing without him. He just doesn't allow it.

We bought an internet camera to spy on the house, while we are gone. We bought it mainly to see how the dogs do while we are gone to dinner, or fishing. We speculated how Willie would act. Bill said, "Oh, he'll be upset for a few moments, and then curl up and sleep." I couldn't imagine that. I disagreed and darnit anyhow, I was right!

We watched him on camera pace back and forth, back and forth, whining, barking, and never ever resting! He was a worried, emotional mess! He didn't ruin anything, or tear anything up. He was just so sad, and that is how an animal will control me! I can't watch an animal that is sad!

So back to Thursday morning... Bill and I were getting ready to fish... It was the same melodrama. To take Willie, or to leave him (sad)? You know, when I have Willie in the boat, of course I can't totally concentrate on fishing. He wants in my lap, or running, back and forth, bow to stern. I have to either hold him while he sleeps, or reprimand him as he barks at birds, passing boaters, or dances in the fishing lines!

Maybe this is my fault for not training him well, but I sure tried! I've always had well behaved dogs. I was known when I was little for training our dogs well. I just don't know about Willie, though! Either I've lost my ability to train dogs, or I don't know what!

Anyhow, I was deciding whether to leave him or take him. I think that Willie is the main reason I don't fish as often. It's such a pain, either way! I must figure this problem out, or I'm going to lose my favorite hobby!

The boat we have right now is small, and not really accommodating for our two dogs. It's not fair to take Willie and not Revvie, but at the same time, we just can't take both! It would be a zoo!

(Soon we will have a brand new R&B boat that will fit both dogs! YAY!)

So, Willie was the first frustration, and the decision weighed much too heavily on me, starting the night before. I didn't sleep much, in fact, worrying about it!

The morning of, whether I took him or not, he'd need to be run. I took him out with the flashlights, and began to sing. I had mistakenly given him my expensive flashlight, and he dropped it somewhere on our acreage. Was it on the river? In the fields? I roamed both, looking frantically, while Bill sat in his truck and the engine roared.

I asked Bill three times to help me find it, but I'd find out later that he hadn't heard me. Frustrated, I told him to go sit down as I continued the hunt. I was not frustrated at Bill. I was frustrated at the entire situation. At that dog, having such a total control over me, that this situation was even happening! I suppose I was frustrated at myself, for letting him control me in the first place!

I wanted to go fishing, and I wanted to go NOW! But, I didn't dare leave without finding my good flashlight. I'm like that. I can't leave something lost. I find it!

And I did. I found it! Finally satisfied Willie had his run, and with flashlight in hand, I headed back to the truck.

The truck was nowhere to be seen. What in the???

Did he go get the newspaper? Did he run to the store? I waited, waited... waited. We weren't going to take Revvie, and I searched for her. No Revvie, anywhere.

I called on the phone, knowing full well that Bill rarely uses his cell phone. I finally got through!

Bill was on the way to fish in Nehalem! Halfway there, he said that I had told him to go ahead and go by himself! WHAT?! Oh, I wasn't happy!

I had wanted to go so badly. Of course, I was then mad at Bill (and he at me), and both of our pride entered the situation. Even if I were to drive myself to meet him, now he had Revvie, and both dogs would be in the boat. That would not be fun. Not one bit!

Having had plans to go to town after fishing, anyhow, I packed the car, and left for my home in Oregon City.
I cried most of the way home! LOL. A grown woman, crying because she didn't get to go fishing! Wah! I cried until I realized I could do my second most favorite thing! Hunt for chanterelles! I stopped at my secret haunt, and excited, filled my basket with beautiful, golden chanterelles. By the time I was in a full sweat, I felt better. Amazing what a little exercise can do for you! I love the forest. I love the woods! I sang as Willie bounded through the brambles. It was a good day, after all.

When I got home, Bill had called several times. We both apologized for the total miscommunication, and everything was good.

That is, until I got the flu!


Today, we are planning on meeting at the humane society for their telethon. I have never been to that! I hope I feel good enough, by then. I was still sick yesterday afternoon, but by evening felt better, and today, better yet. I think that I'll be able to go!

Don't miss out on helping with the telethon!

"Broadcast live from the OHS shelter, the telethon will feature a parade of adorable and adoptable pets.

Love-a-thon host Deb Knapp feels the puppy love!
Donate to the Telethon Today!

You'll get a chance to make a gift, join the conversation on social media, and, perhaps, help find a home for a shelter pet. The Love-a-thon's ultimate goal: raise $375,000 to fight animal cruelty, heal injured animals, and place pets in need with families who will love them."

13, 2014


Can you see it?
If not, click here! I lightened

So excited! We caught a little black bear with our webcam!

October 14,

I am swimming in frustration about fishing. Yes. Fishing!

I'm afraid to pull out my tag and even look at it. I'm afraid to see... nothing.

I believe that this would be the first year that there would be nothing
on my salmon tag. Even when my aorta gave out on me and I was off on medical
for months, I know for a fact I still had something on my tag!

But this year... All year long? Nothing? Really?

Bill will probably be the first to tell me that I'm wrong! And he's probably
right. He'll probably remind me of some fish I caught somewhere. There probably
is one, but like I said, I'm afraid to look. One fish just isn't me, anyhow!
Eleven is me. Or nine. Or even just three! Sometimes we just don't keep a
fish. But... one? One tagged fish all year? And the thought of none???

Bill and I seem to be stuck in that position of not having a fishing routine.
In order to go fishing regularly... In order to be "dialed in" to
fishing, you must have a routine. A comfortable routine. And let me be the
first to tell you, once you lose that routine, it's darn hard to get back
in it.

People write to me, sometimes and ask me how to get started. That is a really,
really good question. I find myself in this position, lately. I think I'll
write back to them and see how they are doing. Maybe they can help me!

Once we get back into a comfortable, familiar routine, we'll be fine. We'll
be comfortable. We'll know what we are doing, and wave hello to the familiar
faces that are also in the same routine at the take out!

But once you let that routine go, you are a stranger in a strange land and
don't look! You may have an empty tag, just like me! That's horrific!

Sometimes I find myself wondering what the heck I'm doing with a fishing column.
I always fall back into the excuse that I know ifish.net. I created it, and
I can always talk about the board, or point out what's interesting to look
at, or how we do things, or why we moderate this or that. What it's like to
run a fishing board, etc., or I can simply write about the Kilchis river,
and my life, blah, blah, blah.

The guides. The guides who know about fishing (see over on the left, there?)
They know fishing and do it daily. They can talk about fishing! Me? I'm on
an unpaid, "no fish on my tag" sabbatical!
This must change.

Fishing has always been my life and my passion.

In my absence, I've tried beading, getting back into music, gardening, all
kinds of things, but it just didn't grab me like fishing did.

I keep thinking about my Mom talking about a bus man's holiday. I asked her
what it was. I remember going away thinking it was when you lose passion for
what you do, when you do it for pay. Is that right?

That happened to me with piano. I lost my passion for it when I played too
many hours in a bar. Five hours, banging out your repertoire hurts! When you
get home, the last thing you want to do is (go on a bus ride) play that dang

I'm finally back to the point where I enjoy sitting down at the piano and
expressing my feelings. It took me years, though! Years away from playing
for pay.

I've been involved with ifish.net for 15 years, now. Almost 16! I sold it
what? Three years ago? Four? I've had less and less responsibility behind
the wheel.

I've been really worried that with all the competition I see written on the
boards, all of the selfish attitudes; the lack of helping one another, and
the increasing bitterness and squabbles I try to settle, the crowds at the
boat ramps, all of that! Frankly, it turns me off! It turned me away.

I should be so lucky! I have a whole river to myself to fish! But, see? I
want to go where other people go to fish! Fishing is a community thing! I
want to help and to be helped. I want to share fishing with others! I don't
get this new selfish "it's mine all mine!" attitude!

My greatest memories of fishing are with others. Fishing, shoulder to shoulder,
and sharing the excitement when someone's rod goes down! What happened to

Lately, I've been having these pangs of excitement, though, and it really
gives me hope.

I'll spot a new development in the river that looks like it may hold fish
and my heart skips a beat. Or, I'll see a truck pulling a nice boat, and my
mind goes racing back to Bill and I, pulling the boat home from a good day
on the water. Cold out, but warm inside the truck, with the windshield wipers
keeping time...

I recall back to when Bill and I opened up our old jet boat to full speed.
We were flying past cars on the highway at the ghost hole. I looked up at
Bill as the wind blew hard on his face and erased any sign of age! He looked
22! I remember thinking, "As long as I hold that image in my mind, I'm
always going to be with Bill and I'm always going to love fishing!"

I still hold that image like it was yesterday.

As we await our new boat from R&B, I have dreams of what great days on
the water we will have and where we might go. What we'll develop as our new
routine... I'm so proud of how good we are at launching together, and what
a great fishing team we are!

Good things are happening in my mind! I may be coming "home"!

I sure hope so, because I'm not liking this "Bus man's Holiday"

As the rain fell over the last couple days, I'd take walks on the Kilchis
river. My boots slid over the slippery rocks until I found a big one to sit
down on. I studied the increasing currents, as the foamy water cascaded over
the small boulders. I waited for that one big salmon to jump out of the water,
and majestically fight to make it over the riffle. You know that scene you
see on the big screen as the salmon try to make it upstream and 'over the
falls', to spawn? See it in your mind? I sure do!

It got me all excited to fish. I just can't quite get up the energy to do
everything I must do, to get there! Darnit! I just don't understand why it's
so hard to get there! I want to be IN the routine, instead of trying to start

As I do less and less on ifish, as I spend more time again, living on the
banks of the Kilchis river, and less time in the city, my heart is calling
me home. Home to fishing.

I want to fish. I do! I miss it with every boat that passes me on the road,
and with every walk on the river.

Baby steps. That's how I'll do it. I'll do it with baby steps.

When I get back to the river, I'm going to pull my salmon rods down, one by
one, and dust them off really well. Maybe have Bill help me clean the reels,
and put fresh line on.

And by golly, all of you on the boards who want to fight and argue and hide
your secret spots by sending hate mail to anyone who tries to help someone?
Look out. I'm not going to tolerate those attitudes. Fishing
is to share! Fishing is to help others!

The very first time I ran across this problem on the board, someone had attacked
me for creating ifish and creating overcrowding on the rivers. I was upset
and confused about how to feel about that, and how to react. I created ifish
to share the passion and fun and to talk about something I loved. I did it,
thinking others would love this, too! What is more fun when you can't fish,
but to talk about it?

Bill Monroe came to my rescue! He solved the problem in my mind!

Bill Monroe taught me that the more people we have who love fishing and the
more people we have who love our rivers, the more people who we will have
to be there to help keep those rivers open for fishing! If we keep it to ourselves,
then we only have ourselves to fight for our fish. I don't know about you,
but I can't do that alone!

So, sorry, not sorry--- I'm going to help someone who wants to fish
and to learn to love our fish and our rivers!

This bus is slowly coming to a stop. I know in my heart that I'm coming home...

I'm coming home to fishing. And I may just invite some friends, over, too!

October 25,

It's like riding a bike. You never forget, really! Everything
was just the same as I remembered it, including the excitement!

Yesterday, I went fishing! And nothing was going to stop me! I kept having
to remind Willie that we weren't outside for him. I had no flashlights, and
I wasn't going to pay much attention to him. Just enough to keep him safe
from the high and rolling Kilchis river.

There were little cutthroat splashing everywhere, but I was after the big
ones! It was funny, because I really do think the cutts were after my bait,
just as they follow the spawning chinook.

My eggs weren't the best, but they were passable. In fact, every single chinook
or silver passed my bait, right up!

I didn't care, though. I was fishing! And I had that, "Expect a fish
with every cast" feeling, even if I didn't!

Oh, man, but was I tired, after! I hadn't walked the entire length of our
bank in a long, long, time! My ankles wobbled back and forth in that goofy
marfan way. Anyone looking at me from the road above, would have laughed at
me. I'm sure I look a lot like a Raggedy Ann doll! Yep. I'm a doll. Just a
funny looking one that has too many moving parts!

Today, after seeing all of the cutts, I'm going after them! I've got till
the end of the month with my fly rod, so let's go! I do believe I have the
bug, again!

I also have to get out there before the wind starts! Go, Jennie, go!

October 28,

It's about time you knew. I mean, what's it been? 9 years? 10?

I'm going to tell you something and if you don't like it, I'm going to just
"Shake It Off!"

I knew that I couldn't keep this to myself forever, but I think it's leaked,
and I might as well just come right on out and say it.
I'm a swifty.
I've tried to hide it. I've even made a different account on twitter,
just so you wouldn't know. All of these years, and you thought I only had
a passion for salmon.

I'm a cheater. I also love Taylor Swift.

Just like people who come back on ifish after being banned, I have tried to
hide it on the internet.

More distinctly, (and more embarrassingly) I'm a swiftyoverfifty.

I created that term a couple years ago, and it stuck. I think it's rather
cute, myself. :)

It was when I was laying in the hospital bed, ten years ago that I first heard
Taylor. She was so young then, but I really liked her, and I loved the messages
in her writing.

She inspired me to get well. I honestly think that I'm living today, due to
Taylor Swift's music. She made me want to get out of bed and dance to my life.

My fan girling over a young country singer only grew over the years. I grabbed
every cd she had. I watched every single youtube of her.

I searched the internet, tumblr, instagram, and twitter. I was hungry for
more information, just the way I was hungry for a new recipe to cure salmon
eggs. You know what that's like, right?

I became friends with other swifties. I wait anxiously, each week for new
editions of Taylor Talk or Swiftcast podcasts. I'm hungry. Hungry for Taylor

She became an obsession, (ya think?) and last year, when I "won"
pit tickets to see her in concert, I nearly died. And I mean that. I have
never, ever had my heart tested in quite that way. The blood pulsed through
me like never before.

Not only had I won the chance to get pit tickets, but the instructions for
getting them told me I had to grab my credit card, fast- go to a certain website,
and enter a certain code.

IF I was first, I would win.. I was never so panicked! I grabbed my credit
card, (Where was it!?!) got to the website, and followed the instructions
exactly. All of this, in a hurryhurryhurry!

It was kind of like those "ready set" contests I used to put out
on the web, except for this was much more difficult and the prize, should
I win, meant the world to me! I was absolutely shaking, trying to get everything
right, and the first time I entered my information, I did it wrong, and it
said I didn't win. But, the second time? I won! I won! I
was the very proud owner of pit tickets for the Taylor Swift Red concert!

I belong to a community of Swifties and I was never so excitedly typing my
joy when Bill walked in the door. I was sobbing.

He panicked. He immediately thought I had gotten bad news about my breast
cancer, and held me tightly. The bad thing was that I was speechless. I couldn't
get the words out to tell him not to worry.

"What's wrong, What's wrong, Jen?" He whispered ever so sweetly
in my ear.

Finally I sputtered "I.. I... I won pit tickets to see Taylor!"

He let me loose and stared into my eyes. "What? What are pit tickets?"

He laughed as I finally was able to explain what had happened while he was
gone. He was happy for me! He understood!

Even though I had just spent all the spending money I had allowed myself for
the entire year, he understood!

I took my niece with me to go see Taylor. I took her partly to camouflage
the idea that I was a swifty-over-fifty and I was just there to take my little
niece to see Taylor. --but when Taylor walked out onto stage, it was more
than obvious that I was there for myself.

Tears. I just stood there in awe and cried while my niece laughed at me!

The reason I tell you this, today is that I am exhausted. Don't expect me
to answer many e mails today, or to help you with your computer problems with
ifish. Don't expect me to write any long fishing posts, or share on the board.
I'm toast.

Yesterday was the release party for Taylor's new album, "1989".
I was up most of the night for two nights in a row, celebrating with the other
swifties on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.

It was so much fun, as I identified the little gals that I knew from the internet,
as I watched Tay on "Good Morning America" "Ellen" and
several other interviewing television shows. Last night was a livecast on
Yahoo and Iheart Radio.

These kids are the real fan girls who travel around wherever Taylor
is. I guess they don't call them "roadies" any more.

They are Swifties. Swifties with time and money and... youth!

They are young girls, mostly, and the only thing I have in common with them,
(and this is huge!) is that I adore Taylor, just as much as any one hundred
of those little girl do! Darnit!

So. There you have it.

I adore Taylor Swift. I am a Swiftyoverfifty. I'm not as crazy over this pop
era as I am her country songs, but I still love her, and I will support her,
as long as Taylor remains Taylor. She's just the best thing since sliced bread!

As a dedicated Swifty, I must tell you to please get out to Target and buy
her deluxe album, which has three extra awesome songs on it, and a whole lot
more! Get your kids into Taylor. She's a great example for kids.

Oh, quit, Jennie. Just quit. I could write about and talk about her until
this column is four feet down! I won't.

I just feel great that I finally am out of the closet. :)

I'm Jennie. The swiftyoverfifty.
Oh--- And by the way, I've been fishing, too! I'm back in both saddles,

31, 2014


Every time I laugh out loud when no one is around, I think of
Tammy, my roommate in Oregon City. She has the gift of being able to laugh
out loud, watching old movies on television. It echoes through the house on
a regular basis. I'm envious of that laughter, that freedom, that wide open
ability to get lost in a tummy tickling television show.

I just can't let go of my perceived reality long enough to be able to get
absorbed into a written television script. I know it's not real. I know in
my brain that it's a setup. Does that make sense? Why can't I let go and laugh!?

Sometimes... sometimes when it's a live comedy, or something like "Saturday
Night Live", that can make me laugh... sometimes!

Don't get me wrong. I laugh on the inside. I often think things are funny,
but I can rarely laugh out loud at something like a sitcom
or movie.

Generally, I do live, loud outbursts at three things: My pets, Taylor Swift,
and fishing. (Not necessarily in that order.} I suppose that I make up for
the frequency of Tammy's laughing by the energy-output of mine.

I laugh at my pets, and at Taylor on TV or Youtube, and when I have a fish
on, I shout out loud, loudly enough for people to hear me three rivers away!

My morning routines are always the same. Different at both houses, but the
same, at each one. Dogs love routine, and so do I!

Whichever dog has been here at the river the longest has the routine down
the best. That would currently be Revvie.

Willie is the young one, the rabble-rowser, and generally the one I'm laughing
at (and yelling at!) the most.

I rise, ever so slowly from my bed these days, but after that initial rise,
Willie pretty much chases me through my personal routine, while Revvie is
still relaxing, asleep on the bed. She knows that Willie will do the job of
hurrying me.

By the time I'm brushing my teeth, Willie is whipped into a frenzy, and I'm
brushing harder, faster, rinse and done!

While I'm headed down the stairs, he's talking about it, with his "woo-woo-woo-woo's".
By then, I'm giggling.

I feed the cat, and Willie has just about had enough. But, there's more! I
have yet to fill my pockets with treats out of this box and that, and then
pour my coffee and finally (oh, geemany Christmas!) finally head
to the computer desk.

I turn my chair around to face them. This is it. The moment you've waited

Revvie on the right, Willie on the left.

But-- I don't move a muscle towards those treat pockets until everything is
perfect and as I have taught them.

Inspection time! Are your boots shined?

Actually, I've only taught one dog, once, and that was over 16 years ago!
From then on, the routine has been handed down, "learned" by the
senior dog.

It is so funny to think of Revvie as the senior dog! At one time, Revvie was
the terror of my life and I wasn't crazy about her at all! That is putting
it lightly, too! She was such a wild child!

And now, years later, that same dog is quietly sitting, most adult-like, while
Willie has got it half-right.

Willie is standing in his place, kind of quietly, but forgetting the rest
with joyful anticipation. It's kind of like he's standing at attention, but
his hair isn't combed and his shoes are untied. You know?

He wants to be a good soldier! He has good intentions!

"What's the hold up, Mom?"

Every morning it's the same amnesia. He forgets that he must be sitting. He
must be "down".

I sit quietly, waiting, my entire being wafting with the scent of dog treats.

I can almost see it come over him like a ticker tape running through his brain.

That missing puzzle piece hits him like a flash of lightning.

"Oh! Down! I must 'down'! I must!" -and he hits the deck like a
pirate under fire. I mean he HITS that deck, too! Down! All of his legs collapse
and his body slams to the ground!

:"Sir, yes sir!"

That's when my full laughter roars through the quiet of the house! It's the
funniest thing to me, to see his brain work like that! (ever so Springer-slowly!)

Then, and only then, do the dogs get their treats!

And again, my dogs have served their master in a way that no medicine could
better serve.

Indeed, laughter IS the best medicine.

The laughter and the continuous joy that they feed me courses through my veins
well ahead of, and much more efficiently than the caffeine I was going to
depend on!

There is a yoga practice from India that people engage in. Read
. I was taught this by an old musician friend.

You sit, facing one another and the first person slaps their knee and makes
the sound of laughing. Even if you don't feel it. You say, "Ho ho ha
ha ha" Then, the next person does it. Slap their knee, and say "Ho
ho ha ha ha" By the time you are four or five in, you are seriously laughing!

There are groups, now, that get together and practice this age old yoga. I
want to go to one!

But, heck, as long as I have the dogs, who needs to?




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