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The Coast, Oregon and Washington



October 1st!


Happy Halloween!

Stan's column is up!
Read all about it! Chatterbaits in the news! Read all about it!

I love the way Stan writes! His words just flow and I learn so much! I don't
even bass fish, lately, and I still enjoy the column! Not that I wouldn't fish
for bass. It's just that I'm not around bass fishing, at this time in my life.
I had been, in the past, when I lived on Smith Lake in Warrenton, Oregon. Those
were some good times in my life.
I've been busy arranging the Christmas Party. It's December 2nd, this year and
man oh man, I'm excited about that!
There are so many, many things going on that I can't keep up! The
Chris Nordling
contest, the guess
a fish count
contest... oh! And the Rendezvous
donation thread!
This is a great chance to help the fish and get your business
name out there! Have you ever donated to a fishing tournament? It's a great
way to help the fish and to get your name out there! Read
this thread,
and donate neato things to put in the guides or angler's packs,
or for the auction.
Shana wrote to me and asked that we help, and I hope we can pull through for
the fish, and for her! Shana puts so much work into this event, and I think
we owe her a break. Don't you?
All of the gals do a great job on this tournament and everyone has fun. The
event is sold out for anglers, but if you are interested in getting on a wait
list for next year, you can call Shana. Not sure how long it is booked up for,
though. It's pretty popular! If you can get in, I'm sure you'll have a blast!
Also pinned is the "You
da man
" contest. Now wait one minute, here. You da Man? Can women enter?
If I win, will I be "da man?" LOL. I have a problem with this title!
Did you hear about the storm this weekend? Wow. 70 mph winds? I haven't checked
the report this morning, but that's what I last heard. I'm excited, but at the
same time, I look at my gorgeous flowers still blooming and I worry!
Also, it's been the strangest blackberry season I've ever seen. I mean... "WHAT"
season? The plants are dying back and they haven't even produced, yet!
Oh! And all my missing freesias are suddenly bursting from the ground! What
should I do with those? I think I'll bring them in and see if I can force them
for Christmas? Bizarre.
I can't wait to see salmon in the river, though. I adore watching them!
My Dad is scheduled to come tomorrow to fish with Bill and I. I hope the weather
is decent!
Oh! I went to a funeral yesterday for a very wonderful man, Dick Brown. He was
our superintendent and principal and coach, and well loved Canby resident. He
was everyone's friend. I couldn't believe the crowd, parked down the roads to
attend his service. And, what a lovely service it was! I love the Catholic services.
Their traditions are serene and beautiful. I met some ifishers that I didn't
know, and visited with old friends from high school. I even saw and got too
hug some of my old teachers! And of all people, there was my Ifish friend, Joe
Schwab! That was so fun to see him and to learn that he, also, was a friend
of Dick Brown! What a small and wonderful world, it is.
To end, the song "On Eagle's Wings" is going through my head. That's
such a beautiful song and I hadn't heard it in so long.
Sing along with me....

You who dwell in the shelter of the Lord,
Who abide in His shadow for life,
Say to the Lord, "My Refuge,
My Rock in Whom I trust."

The snare of the fowler will never capture you,
And famine will bring you no fear;
Under His Wings your refuge,
His faithfulness your shield.

You need not fear the terror of the night,
Nor the arrow that flies by day,
Though thousands fall about you,
Near you it shall not come.

For to His angels He's given a command,
To guard you in all of your ways,
Upon their hands they will bear you up,
Lest you dash your foot against a stone.

And He will raise you up on eagle's wings,
Bear you on the breath of dawn,
Make you to shine like the sun,
And hold you in the palm of His Hand.
And hold you in the palm of His Hand.

I went out to dinner with Andrew last night, (speaking of Eagle's
wings), and I do believe he is being held up. Thank you for your prayers!

October 2nd

I have a sticker on my computer monitor that says "U Go,
It was given to me by Missbehavin on ifish. He hasn't been around for a while,
but I still have that sticker he gave me one year at ifishstock. It really helps
me when I'm feeling less than motivated. It also makes me smile when I accomplish
something difficult.
I'm big on visual reminders.
I went through a very tough period in my life, when in three months time, my
husband left our family, my Mother and my Grandmother died, I lost my cat of
19 years and all of my chickens died! Everything was gone and my life was upside
In order to make it back to a place of peace, I plastered Bible verses and words
of hope, everywhere. On my bathroom mirrors, on my refrigerator, everywhere!
Messages of hope and praise.
I made it through!
On my wall, now, I still have one of them that meant a lot to me. It was written
by Andrew in Sunday School when he was six. It's from Proverbs and it's scribble
in crayon, with the "3" backwards. I love it!
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight. Proverbs
Lately, I have found myself to be caught up on work and on ifish, but tardy
in my friendships.
This is a tough one, because I have friends on ifish, too. These friends are
just an e mail away. So easy! So convenient! However, I find myself not calling
my good friends, those who were so important in my past! I find myself having
plans to go visit or call people, and I haven't been following through on those.
I'm just too busy!
Too busy for friends? Huh!?
And so, I am collecting little notes to plaster all over the place to remind
me to love and take care of my friends, first. I'm even going to put names on
the pieces of paper, so that I think of calling them more often. To put off
work, and to visit, to call, and to be close to my family and my friends.
I can think of nothing more important!
Shower the people you love
with love!

October 3rd

Quick~! Before the storm hits, here are my lovely flowers! I'll
sure miss them!
Take a walk
in my garden with me!

October 7th


My lovely Kilchis-dog, Fresh as Febreze

Yes! I'm fine! I'm fine!
Sometimes I get busy and don't write and when that happens, I get worried e
mails asking if I'm alright. Yes! I'm fine!
Just quiet, I guess.
I need quiet, too. Convinced that there are no fish in the bay, and with a long
'to do' list, I sent Bill out to fish without me, this morning. He'll be joined
by Chris Vertopoulos.
They'll probably prove me wrong and get a limit!
Twitchs Tackle won the rain contest, and won the Okuma reel! Congrats!
Pretty soon, (October 15th) we will stop the Chris
Nordling contest
, and award it. So, make sure you get entered if you'd like
to fish with him!
If I weren't busy upgrading the ifish bulletin board, I'd be out there with
them! No one likes change, but we are about to have it. It's kind of like Windows
going from XP to Vista. Most don't want it, but it happens. Our old software
is no longer supported. Too bad, because it works just fine for me! There will
be some fun new options, though!

It's Fall and the leaves are all gooey wet and stuck to the rocks in a brilliant
mosaic of colors. I don't think an artist could do half as well, if they'd tried!
The river bank is simply beautiful!
It's as if I got up and changed channels on the television. Summer has turned
to Fall. Just like that! There was no transition, or if there were, I surely
missed it!
My flowers hang in their baskets, still blooming, oddly out of place.
I went for a walk, last evening, and poking a stick along to aid in my walking,
I made my way upriver alongside a much wider, wilder, Kilchis river. Those rocks
are slippery! My gait is already skewed, so it's good that the river supplies
a good variety of canes. Canes for short people! Canes for tall people! canes
just for Jennie!
As I gazed into the water, I smelled it before I saw it. In front of me was
(Acky!!) a really dead springer. Or-- half of one, anyhow! Of all the years
I have spent walking along the Kilchis river, never have I seen a spawned out
springer until this year. I know they exist in the river, but there are very
"Acky" is a term I use for the dogs when they get a little curious
about what smells, this time of year. "Acky" is also a term I use
for the dog who rolled in what smells this time of year! If I yell it loud enough
and stern enough, they leave it, and innocently follow me like the good dog
they are.
But, as I turn away, after they are fully convinced I'm absorbed in studying
some agate or my concentration is focused on a family of otters, they go back
to that awful "acky" and roll in it, with delight. They give it the
"shoulder" as I like to call it. They stop, smell, and with all of
their weight, drop on it with their shoulder and then feet up, roll, in glee.
Acky! Acky! Oh, Acky!
I can't wash that stuff out, either. I have to have Bill do it, or I will lose
my stomach. If he's not home, the dogs go in the kennel as a waiting surprise,
until he arrives. He doesn't seem to mind so much.
We have discovered that a quick misting of "Febreze" works wonders,
after the big hunks are gone. That's some amazing stuff!
I long to take the canoe out, today, but I think the river is still a bit high.
I think I'd best wait.
It's a gorgeous morning and I think I'll go for a quick walk on the river to
see what's new. To heck with a daily newspaper. I like the news that the river
brings, much better.

May all things move and be moved in me
and know and be known in me.
May all creation
dance for joy within me.
Chinook Psalter

October 10th

Sunshine! Heavenly Sunshine! I sure need it! It makes me smile.

Hey, you guys and gals! Get
your family involved in coloring the Kwikfish!
You never know who might
win! I have people writing to me far and wide who want to enter, but you must
be a member, first!
This may be very short, as the dogs know my schedule, and since I've been busy
with the new board upgrade, my schedule is all off.
They have this annoying habit of coming into the office to play quite loudly,
when I'm off schedule. The noise rises until I can no longer take it. Yes. They
run me. I know!
Perhaps today will be the day I can canoe. Bill asked last night, and I abruptly
cut him off.
"May I ask you something?" Bill started. That almost always means
it may be controversial, so I prepare myself.
"Isn't it time I put the canoe away?"
What is it about him wanting to put my canoe away? It couldn't be that he wants
to save my life, could it? LOL
I think so!
"I wouldn't even consider canoeing, with the river this high!" Bill
repeats this, often and always, even when the river is just fine for a good
canoe trip. Thing is... I want to wait until I can see salmon! The river is
often known to rise and recede well below safe canoeing levels!
I can't wait! I'll let you know how it is! And please, Bill... Don't take away
my canoe!
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine!

October 11th

I wonder how many years I'll be haunted by the cold blue-sky blues?

All these things: Frost on the windowpane, on the meadow grass, and light blue
winter skies. Low, clear river levels and icy cold rocks on the river. The puff
of air that escapes my mouth when I struggle to breathe deeply. It all reminds
me of that day, nearly four years ago, now.
was on 12/09/04.

On December 8th, the day before
I dissectedhttps://www.ifish.net/Dec04.html, I wrote about the
anticipation of a storm coming in, and about that really weird word... death.
I'll never get over how strange that is. How odd, that would be my subject,
the day before my heart stopped.
I wrote, "Yes, death of any kind rings a hollow fear in me. But, it
all comes full circle, and the realization of the good it brings balances out...
and it settles alright with me."
It's all of these things that remind me. The return and
subsequent death of salmon on the river bank, the death of all of my flowers
on the deck, the empty nest, a shell of a house- instead of a family home, full
of activity.
The very same lightest powdery blue sky of winter that hovers over me, today,
is a constant reminder of what I came home from the hospital to. I was finally
released into the confines of a wheelchair from my room at the OHSU hotel.
Every time a chill comes over my feet, I remember back to the time I once had
no blood flow to my legs, and my feet were frozen blocks of ice that I couldn't
warm, no matter what!
I have come so far! Why can't I escape the memories that associate those times?
They are always with me, but especially on cold, blue sky, winter days.
As I was driving home, yesterday, I thought about some of the horrible or sad
things in the world, and in my life. How, as I get older, these bad things try
so hard to invade lives, and steal innocence from people.
I stand firm. If it kills me, I'm going to 'stay sweet'.
I have to fight against it, we all do! -Because life would just be no darn fun
if we cave in and let the bad take over!
I'm so thankful for the joy I feel, regardless of the bad economy, regardless
of family troubles, regardless of medical problems... just regardless!! I thank
God for the huge gift to feel the happiness that is naturally in me. Love and
joy have saved me.
Frankly, the first three years that I lived after my 'near miss', I lived cautiously,
not fully believing that it could possibly be true that I'd live long after
having my aorta burst.. you know? Not many do! Especially since they've found
another aneurysm!
Everything that happened after that, in my life, was huge to me, and I wanted
to appreciate each deep breath, each hour, each day!
Dare I risk the thought that I'm here for a while, and no one is getting rid
of me, yet?!
Yet, I don't want to lose the appreciation of life and I never want to take
anything for granted! It's a delicate balance!
For the first time in forever, I'm getting out my Halloween decorations and
I'm going to make cookies, and party it up. It may be that Bill and I'll be
the only ones to enjoy it all, but a party for two, is better than no party
at all!
It will be fun to send Andrew and David some Halloween cookies in the mail!
I'm beginning to believe lately, that I will live! It's about time!

October 14th

What a great way to start the day! I loved hearing Grant's voice!
This was e mailed to me. No, it's not fishing, but it's awesome! View
it full screen by right clicking on it.

That just brings me home to dinner time on the coast, when the news was on...
and all of a sudden, Grant! Everyone ran to the television! And to think so
many people have all of this beauty so close to home! Get out there, you guys!
Enjoy it! Roll in it! LOL!
Now, the "roll in it" comment might make you scratch your head, but
seriously! I have felt that way! When things get to me, too much computer, too
many problems on ifish, I seriously feel like getting out in the woods and rolling
in the luscious dirt! Feel the cool, damp moss on my cheek! Am I crazy? Uh huh!
But, it's just too true for me not to say it. I have to get down and dirty,
touch the earth, the rocks, the trees, the moss, the water! Nature heals me
from so many hurts. I can't get close enough, sometimes.
The board has been so controversial, lately, and not very pretty. Complaints
and name calling, and just unkind comments. Why do people need to do that? Why
waste your time? Time is short, you people! Go roll in the dirt!
At least I made myself laugh!
If you won't roll in the dirt, at least get out there and touch a fish, alright?
You'll feel SO much better! Hang some Tillamook seaweed in your hair and call
it a decoration!
Bill is out there, right now, touching fish. He's volunteering to help with
the silvers at the Trask hatchery. You could be, too! If you are interested,
call the ODFW and they'll put you to work!
Now... Kilchis and I have some rolling to do.
Ever wonder why dogs are so happy?

October 15th

This is the last day before I pick a winner for the trip
for two with Chris Nordling
, so if you get your entry in before I close
it, that would be great!
It's a full moon, and boy oh boy, can we ever tell that it is, on the ifish
discussion board. People are howling into the moon via their keyboards!
As STGRule puts it, "I think it is just a karma/full moon/no salmon fishing/hate
gillnets/beer goggle/bad economy/presidential election/failing banks/poor salmon
return/Marine reserve type of thing." It will all be alright, soon! No
worries! LOL
Yesterday I went for the nicest canoe trip! I want to float all the way down
to the bridge, but I'd like to take the dogs, and they'd get in too much trouble
along the way. Maybe I'll take Molly the canoe cat, instead!
It's beautiful weather for chanterelle hunting. I've found a couple new spots
I'd like to investigate, too!
Anyhow, I'm not sure why the board is so wild, but it sure feels good to get
out of doors and away from it, lately. But, funny thing, when the board goes
wild and hateful, it also brings out the nicest comments, on the flip side of
things! It's the old yin-yang of life.

Or, when I'm good, I'm very, very good, and when I'm bad, I'm even better!
We have a flock of pine siskins hanging out. We seem to get them on their trip
out of here, every year. They are so darn cute! Those, and the chickadees. A
few junco, here and there.
STGRule is spot on. It really is a tough time out there! Ifish is having financial
trouble, keeping up. Every business that I know of, is! Every person that I
know, is! As Bill states, Ifish is in a position to really see how this economy
is affecting business. It's amazing and very sad and scary!
No more do I casually buy a burger and fries! I'm saving pennies! I don't use
my credit card unless I really have to, and I have really had to, of late!
Anyhow, as long as I have the river, or any home that is snuggly warm, I am
My son, Andrew, is in a precarious living situation, and when I take a hot bath,
or climb into my warm bed, I am all the more appreciative of what I have. I
almost feel guilty for having it! I continue to pray for him. He's in a very
rough spot. I'm just so glad I'm not his age, again. I hear about his romantic
troubles, dating, job searches, and all of that. I think back and now I appreciate
my age, even if it is climbing to the stage of wrinkles. His problems all started
when he heard about his aortic aneurysm. I can't help but wonder if that is
what started the progression spiraling. It is indeed a tough thing to face at
his age.
In my life, I have faced death and found it wasn't so bad. Now, my life is straightening
out, the hills don't block my view so much, and the end of the road is actually
becoming easier to see! Thank God that the end of that road leads to a beautiful
and restful place and I have faith. I'm not afraid of the future.
Deep inside, I also have faith that My heavenly Father is watching over both
of my kids, and there is no one better to care for them. What a relief that
is! But, it's one of those things where I stay up all night worrying, even though
I know that I don't need to! I give my troubles to Him and I taketh them back!
It is a tug of war with God, sometimes!
Why can't I just accept that He is in charge and I can go ahead and let my kids
fly free under his care? Worry is supposed to be a sin! There is no need to
worry. It does no good. Why do I do it?
I know that, but I do forget, sometimes! (Like all night!)
Ah, anyhow... life is good and I need to get back to the board for some more
challenges. Have a great day, and join me in trying to trust, to have faith
that everything... everything is going to be alright.

Now, come on, Jennie! If I know that everything will be alright, I should follow
my instinct and go out and enjoy the river, the sunshine, the fish! Bill wants
me to go fishing! I should! I should just go!

The reason why birds can fly and we can't, is simply that
they have perfect faith,
for to have faith is to have wings.
-James M. Barrie

October 16th

Way to go, Carey! He won a trip with Chris

Next contest will be for a rod building kit from Angler's Workshop! I have to
think long and hard how to get the winner for this one. Contest creation is
difficult! If you have any great ideas, let me know!
Man. I love this! I found this in my marfan mailbox, this morning. I have marfan
syndrome, as does my son. There is a current conversation going on about how
we dealt with being "different looking" in grade/high school. We are
talking about some of the cruel comments we endured. It wasn't easy, but there
is life after school!
I'll never forget some of the cruel comments hurled my way as a child. Oh! And
when my Mom wanted me to get braces, I was horrified! I told her, "Mom!
I don't want to be tall, skinny, ugly and have glasses AND braces!" LOL
My son was the smart one. He got them before they got him! He named himself
"Krazzy Joe" in an effort to be first, before the sword hit. Here's
a short story on Andrew, as a child. I mailed this off to the list, the other

When Andrew (Krazzy Joe) was in grade school,
he had to change schools. This is hard on most kids, but especially hard on
children who are "different".
One particularly athletic and popular boy was teasing him. This kid sat next
to Andrew one day at the lunch table and began to harass him.
Andrew said, "You know... You have a very nice white shirt on. I have marfan
syndrome, and my heart could explode at any time. I would hate to see you get
all messy." -and without skipping a beat, he continued eating his lunch.
I can't imagine what that child must have thought, but he never bothered Andrew
The teacher overheard this and told me about it. She was gravely serious. I
instantly laughed, and finally... seeing the bizarre humor, she laughed, too.
Different people cope in different ways.
Andrew now has the best sense of humor of anyone I know. He is crazy, but he
is really, really delightful and fun to be around! High school and grade school
are nothing. If kids only knew and realized early on, that there is an afterlife
and that we are all incredibly beautiful!
Warning: Truly beautiful people, below!
Marfan people have long, thin limbs. Can you find the most beautiful
marfan people in the slides, below?
This was in a list response, this morning.

"I know I'm dramatically ugly"
- Giovanniagelo DON'T BELIEVE IT!!

I can't ever remember seeing anyone who has been dramatically ugly, only different
and interesting. Rick Guidotti is a photographer and has photographed many Marfan
conferences and events. He's an incredible person who used to photograph top
models, etc.
The "beautiful" people.

Look at who he photographs now! I think they are the truly beautiful people,
and Rick has helped me to see that. Check
out this site
and read the text in addition to looking at the pics. Rick
is a special person on this earth. Inez

Well, for all of you out there that think that you aren't the
most attractive, you are. We all are! Smile! We are simply gorgeous!
For a while, I had trouble getting over my chest scars from heart surgery. But,
now? I'm proud of them! Hey! Watch

October 17th

Francis' column contains chapter two of his book, "Salmon
on My Mind
" for all of those, following along at home! Have fun! I
am two days late in posting, due to computer problems. My apologies!

I woke up with the worst headache. Thank God it's gone, and now...
oh! Look! The sky is pink! I just adore when that happens!
Looking out my office, well... dang! I took a picture with my iphone, but it
doesn't even show the pink! It's there! It really is!
The entire forest is cast in a shade of deep rose! Now, that's the way I like
to view the world!
Even if... even if Andrew is moving back home!
Don't get me wrong. Bill and I love Andrew with all of our hearts. But, he floated
in the wrong direction there for a while, and we are trying to help right his
path while avoiding collision.
Speaking of which:
At Memaloose, yesterday, a really nice guy I know snagged bottom. It is so crowded
there that folks need to watch one another. Well, this fellow in a boat yelled
at him, while he was stopped, "I'm on troll!"
Pops didn't hear it, but, frankly, who would care if someone is on troll? We
watch out for each other, there! This happens that you have to stop, occasionally,
and we all watch carefully which is what makes it tricky, there. That's why
I won't take the trolling motor. You just have to watch so closely! Anyhow,
this fellow just rammed Pops! Totally rammed him! Oh My Word! I can't believe
it! The discussion
is here.

I only hope that we avoid collision, while helping Andrew. He's at a tough age,
and has a tough battle to fight. Love can concur all. Right?

October 19th

"Knock, knock".
"Yeah?" The window slides open.
"Berry Fairy!" I said, as I hand him a strawberry.
Yes! Check the date! It's October 19th. I have strawberries, raspberries and
blueberries! In October!
There are nice things to having Andrew home. The sound of the teapot whistling
is one. Cooking for him is another, and decorating the house, yet another. I've
put out my Thanksgiving candles and decorated with pumpkins and Hallo-ware.
It's cute in my house, and someone appreciates it.
My begonias, my fuscias, my impatiens are all still beautiful flowers, hanging
profusely in baskets. How strange this season is! And, I seem to remember last
year, being near to the same.
We had no blackberry season at all, though. No blackberry cobblers, here, unless
they are made from 2008 frozen berries.
I went for a lovely ride in the canoe on molten gold waters. So awesome to look
down in the crystal clear water, 14 feet down and see a salmon finning. Finally!
My first salmon on a canoe! I caught him with my own eyesight! And a jack coho
or a really large cutthroat, too! My biggest wish is that the low water allows
me to canoe when the first of the chum, all dressed in their brightly colored
Halloween costumes, show up. I can't wait to glide over a school! Woo hooo!
Sometimes I fear I've gone from the joy of fighting them to the joy of sighting
I sucked in a bunch of cold air this morning in a breath of wonder, I went from
the cool (cold!) shade of the tall green forest, to a warm and golden fantasy
land. The water was clear and calm like a mirror. It reflected a portrait of
the yellow, gold and orange trees, hanging over the deepest hole. It was magical
and disorienting, all at the same time. I couldn't help but gasp. Is this real?
The only thing that gave me the depth of perception that I was right side up,
were the few twirling leaves, under the water, swept by a slow current. They
did a graceful ballet, against the multi colored rocks, beneath the molten golds
from above.
I wish I had a camera, but I wonder if it could even catch the beauty of what
my eyes were taking in.
Oh my gosh! A hummingbird is here! I had to stop and take that in, too!
What an amazing world we live in! This IS my Father's world! I am just stifled
by how beautiful it really is. I'm so thankful for my eyesight! I can't count
the number of times I've sucked in my breath and held it, to study the beauty,
in case it disappears on me!
Bright red berries against the multi colored grasses! A fish darting away from
the shadows of my canoe! Kilchis, standing knee deep in the current of the river,
his long and golden hair glistening in the sun, matching the colors of the golden
trees, above! A flock of mergansers flying low over the river! Raspberries in
October, hanging thick and full, even if they aren't sweet, from the vine! The
red of vine maples, spreading a blush across the hillsides that surround me!
Tiny white droplets of water, shining in the sun on my flower baskets!
And... here is the hummy, again! I'm tickled pink! It's an Rufous, male! I just
adore him! What a cutey!
If only I could describe to you what the river was like, this morning! I ride
down with the current, each morning to check for salmon in the deep hole. I
float around with my cup of coffee, staring into the depths.
This morning, when I left the shade, it was like entering heaven above! I have
never, honestly seen such a thing! It was just the right time of light, and
it was utterly amazing!

It is neither spring nor summer. it is Always,
With towhees, finches, chickadees, California quail, wood doves,
With wrens, sparrows, juncos, cedar waxwings, flickers,
With Blatimore orioles, Michigan bobolinks,
And those birds forever dead,
The passenger pigeon, the great auk, the Carolina paraquet,
All birds remembered, O never forgotten!
All in my yard, of a perpetual Sunday,
All morning! All morning!

Theodore Roethke

October 23rd

I should take my temperature. I must be sick!
I stood by and waved as Bill took off up the driveway, with the jet sled.
He's going salmon fishing with Marty Peterson.
I may make some kind of coffee cake or something, and drive out to get in the
boat to share it with them later- and fish for a while.
I adore Marty! He's one of the good guys, for sure.
This particular morning, though, I'm (yawn) not on the ball yet for salmon fishing.
I'm really not at all ill!
It's just that my canoe calls me! Not only is it good for me to move, but I
love keeping track of what new fish come to live in the deepest hole, West of
I pour a hot cup of coffee each morning, and carry it across the wet grass,
down to the river. Before I know it, I'm effortlessly floating downstream in
the current in three inches of water! Sometimes the bottom of the canoe catches
a rock and it spins me a bit, spilling my coffee. It's scary when that happens!
I'm already going pretty fast! But, a quick poke in the gravel with my paddle
usually rights me on my path. It saves me from dumping, but not my coffee!
Whee! Like a water slide, down the riffles!
Over the riffles and through the dark woods, and into the sunlight we go! I
end my journey, floating free in a deep pool of clear water. The golden maple
trees hang over the river there and shed flurries of color in the breeze. They
flutter down, all around me. It's magic!
What a way to have coffee in the morning!
This is where the caffeine hits me, and my senses come alive. The sun takes
away the morning chill and warms my back.
Molly the canoe-cat rolls around in the bottom of the canoe, taking in the sun
and enjoying the view. Cars drive by on the road, above. Sometimes they must
spot Molly because I hear their brakes squeak as they roll to a stop. I can
just imagine what they are thinking. "Is that... is that a cat in a canoe?"
By golly, yes! It is! It is a cat in a canoe!
The thought makes me giggle. I can only imagine what I'd think!
Dipping my paddle lightly to move me, floating around, staring 14 feet down.
I gaze, watching for fish to dart past the shadow of my canoe. What must the
fish think? The shape of my canoe is reflected clearly on the river's bottom.
It looks to me like a long, floating fish with paddles for fins!
I am trying out a (double) kayak paddle. My old wooden canoe paddle is old and
split, making it difficult to get back upstream against the current. I kept
thinking that it might be nice to have a double paddle. Frankly, it's not that
great. It's too short, and I find it isn't as easy to handle if I'm at all worried
about staying upright. This needs to be my priority! That water is cold and
the current is strong!
I'll give it one more try, today, but I'm thinking an old, split paddle is better
than this.
Lately, I need the 'easy button', and my coffee and canoe trips down the river
give me exactly that.
The chaos of playing boat ramp at Garibaldi doesn't call me so much, lately.
The madness of bumper boats on the upper bay... I don't know. It's fun to see
everyone and say hi, but more and more, I'm thriving on quiet.
Bill and I have played "moving van" for the kids so much in the last
few weeks, that the quiet of the river is soul food to me!
The bad news of the economy, the ugliness of politics and the election, everything
around me lately pushes me out to the river. What on earth, would I do without
Kilchis likes it, too! He swims across the river and smells new smells all along
the opposite shore.
Once last week, and without thinking of the possibility of bank fishermen, I
floated down and came upon a fellow fishing. I stopped short of his fishing
water, but the dogs had already joyfully discovered him. They were wagging their
tails and jumping up on him. I was so embarrassed! I said hello to him, and
called the dogs back.
It was obvious that he, too, had come for solace and I had invaded his space.
I pulled the canoe back upstream, and left him to fish and to enjoy what is
owned by all of us. The right to the river. Yes!
Today is the day! I can't believe it, but I have strawberries that day by day,
have become red enough to eat! Their skins are a bit tough, but what a sight
to behold! Late October strawberries! I've never seen such a thing! Today, I
will have them on my granola. I wonder if they'll taste at all like summer?


October Strawberries

I hear that the silvers are thick on the Nehalem? Now, that sounds like fun!
I think Bill and I will go, tomorrow. I would love to catch a silver on a fly!
Woo hooo!
It's time to pour my coffee and get out on the river. Soon... very soon, the
chum will show up! One of these days, I'll canoe down and land over a school
of those beautiful creatures that call the Kilchis their home. I can't wait!
Will today be the day?
One of these days, very soon, I'm going to take the canoe down in tidewater
and float back up when the tide is right.
I really want to get a kayak. The only thing stopping me is Molly. A cat in
a canoe is one thing, but a cat in a kayak? How?

October 25th

What a grand weekend it will be! Sun, fun and fishing! I'm off!
But, first-- I'm so bummed I couldn't go to the Sandy River Steelheaders dinner,
last night! Of all things, Bill was too pooped! Since I can't drive at night,
I was out, too.
Norm Richie is such a nice guy. He called to invite us and I said we'd go, but
it just didn't work out. They are having a fish-a-long today. May be that if
we go out, today, we'll see some of them!
Please welcome to ifish, Guy Jacobson!
I can't believe that his wonderful art work is now available through ifish.
He's so good! Remember the 1993 cutthroat stamp? Guy was the artist for that.
It's here. Canyon

I just think it's a brilliant idea he has. He's going to be painting original
works for people that want to sustain memories of fish, favorite fishing spots,
etc. If you are interested, please
visit his site, here.

We also have a new spot for you to fish Wilson Tidewater! Stay at the Wilson
River Fishing cabin
and have first dibs on those Fall salmon! This is a
new property for ifish, and looks really awesome! I want to stay there!
Oh! And what a great idea this is! If you have a large party that wants to fish
Fall salmon, have some of your crew or family rent the Wilson
River A frame
and some rent the Wilson
River Fishing cabin.
Then, put both boats in, and meet in the middle! Fun!
Everyone would have a bloody good time. Muhahahahaaaaaaa
Bill and I are off to fish the Nehalem for silvers, since we can't seem to get
any of those salmon to bite, around here! Bill and Marty Peterson saw so few
caught when they went, that we are giving up for a little bit. But, silvers
are so fun, anyhow. I can't wait! I just need to be on the water, today, whatever
we do!
Bizarre. Now, I will go pick my October raspberries and have them on my cereal.
Too weird!

October 27th

I've got the Christmas spirit! Can you believe it? In October?
You know, along with my summer raspberries? I'm really off, but I just can't
wait! In fact, I already have a little fiber optic Christmas tree and a fishing
Santa out! Just try and stop me, now!
I'm having more fun! I just went through some of my things and found these cute
little wooly sheep. They are 'putz' sheep and I have a whole set of them! Come
to find out, they are worth about 50 dollars each! No way! I just love them.
Made in Germany, they have little wooden stick legs and they are just so darling!
Worth more than that, to me!
It's a beautiful sunny day, and I'm not in my canoe! I'm inside going through
Christmas boxes? What's up with me?
I'm smiling, though!
I am going to go out canoeing pretty quick, though. Kilchis is driving me crazy,
whining, waiting.
OK, now the picture is complete. I'm listening to good old Dean Martin.
"What do I care? I've got my love to keep me warm!"
It's more of a "The sun is shining, the palm trees sway..." kind of
day, but what the heck!
We fished the Nehalem the other day and man was it spooky! All of the people
that live along the docks had their boats on trailers, and men were out preparing
for winter floods with hammer and nail in hand.
I'd say there were about five other boats on the river where we were, upstream,
hunting for silvers. We only saw one silver (if that!) jump! I guess it was
a "shoulda been there yesterday" kind of thing.
It just gave me the creeps, though. When it's quiet in the Fall, when they roll
up the river and people give up on salmon, it just brings to mind what I've
lost there. Milton and Jim and the season... all gone.
Things cheered me up later at night, when we went to the Sandy Steelheaders
dinner at the Tillamook Fairgrounds. Oysters and halibut and pie, oh my! Lots
of good friends to keep us warm and hugged.
I'm looking forward to a joyful Christmas Season! I need "happy!"
Bring on the boxes of joy!

October 28th

Get this. In my living room I have a basket of Fall leaves, a
display of flashing pumpkin lights, strawberries growing on the vine, a neon
fiber optic Christmas tree on my piano, along with a Santa Fisherman, 50 Thanksgiving
candles and fresh raspberries in the kitchen from my yard. Now, that's seasonal
Now all I need is chinook, chum and steelhead out in the river!
You know, it never ceases to amaze me, the letters I get from ifish. The compliments!
Oh, my, but people think I am grand!
I have to laugh, because, not to burst my own bubble, but in real life, I am
as full of flaws, if not more, than most!
I rarely write when I'm feeling down. I do, but not often. Who wants to hear
my problems? My drivel?
And after all, why do you think I'm on the internet?
This is only a test... If this "Jennie" were really
such a grand person, you would be tuned to come see me in person 24/7! I'd sell
I have lived a life, mostly hidden behind something. The public me, the non-ifish
me, like you, is probably not the real person who you see making mistakes on
a hourly basis! Because I do!
For a long time I was a musician. I played in bars full of people out living
their lives for real. But I lived mine, mostly hidden from the social scene,
peeping out at others from behind a piano. It was my key to social events. I
didn't have to talk much. I could play the piano and wow people, and then go
hide in the back room on breaks. Although I was right there in the social scene,
I had a big ole' piano to hide behind!
And now, I have my computer to hide behind!
I'm just not much for a bunch of people. I can take it once or twice a year.
I'm pretty much a hermit, in real life. Honest to God, I can't do tons of people
on a regular basis. It's pretty easy, though, sitting at home, candle flickering,
typing on the internet.
I adore the Christmas party! That's because it's all for good. It's to raise
money and gifts for children in the Hospital. Plus, I know a lot of you, and
I feel comfortable at a pizza joint rubbing shoulders and eating pepperoni!
The Pacific Northwest Sportsman Show is fun, too! I love to meet all the ifish
members. I feel safe there, behind the counter. I do feel a little weird, but
it's fun to see who is who, and I have a whole moderator team beside me, to
take some of the stress away, and to hide behind.
It's OK because many of you know who I really am. I have ifish to pre introduce
me, so there is no awkward moments and I don't have to try to "be"
someone who I'm not.
I is who I is!
I get a few equally but opposite letters in my mail about how terribly awful
I must be. Although luckily, these are mostly from people who couldn't get along
on ifish, and had to be banned, but I try to learn from them, anyhow. I do!
I listen to what they have to say, and in real life, I try never to do those
things or be what they imagine me to be.
From listening to both pro and con, from hearing what people think they like
about me, and what people think they don't, I learn how to try to be.
I try to be positive and happy, and always wear a smile. I try not to be the
things that I'm accused of, even though they are from people who really have
no clue who I am.
It's been an experience, as I'm sure all of our lives have been!
If I had the courage, I'd try to go out in public and exercise all that I've
learned. But, instead, I think I'll go for another canoe ride, and think about
it all. By the time this life has been lived, and it's my turn to go to Heaven
and stand in front of He who is really important, I hope I'll have it down!



Pastel 1996

I'll never forget when I did that, above. I had seen colors that
really stuck in my head and I had to do something about it. So, I pastel-ed!

That very same thing happened again on my way to Portland the other day. The
trees were breathtaking! If you have a chance, quickly before the wind blows,
drive to the coast! I hope it's not too late for you! I was just laughing to
myself, it was so beautiful! I'm so thankful for my eyesight! I have to call
my eye doc and tell him!
I have to get out my oil paints again, someday. I just don't think that there
IS such a color in my oils or any other media! I'll never forget once when I
lived on the South Slope of Astoria with huge floor to ceiling windows, looking
over the bay. The sky reflected on the water, and one evening a particularly
beautiful Sunset painted the sky. Little Dave, then six years old stood mesmerized.
"God has the most beautiful color crayons!" Isn't it true? How does
He do that?
My gosh! And now it's raining and it will all become soggy!
Don, my moderator described how dry it was when he went out hunting by calling
it "walking on potatoes chips!" I had to laugh. I loved that! Words
are so cool! From then on, every walk out on the river, I have to laugh. Potato
chips! So bright, they were like Cheetos! Now, we have soggy cornflakes!
More later-- the rain is stopping and I must go on one last canoe trip! I'll
be back-
Boo! Happy Halloween!

I'm back, pooped! The water is now alder stained and I can't see
through to the fish! I'll have to call my eye doc and complain! LOL
I had to laugh the other day, traveling on Hiway six, over to Portland. A fire
truck with his lights on drove by me. I thought, "Perfect! The trees do
indeed look on fire!" He's going to be busy! Every third one was ablaze
with color!
You'd drive by these masses of deep green conifers, and then all of a sudden,
a bright, blaring orange or hideous red or yellow maple would steal your vision
and well, it's a wonder that there aren't more accidents! I had to pull over
three times just to stare. Amazing!
Last night on Grey's Anatomy, a lady was talking about how she saw leaves for
the first time, when she got her first glasses. I swear I've written that on
ifish, because that was my experience, exactly. When she said it, I thought,
"Hey! You took my words!" It IS the internet and it is possible! I
used to see green blobs. Now, I see leaves and they are stunning, thank you
very much!
OH! And in this one place, near to 26, you go through a tunnel of trees and
every two or three are bright maples or alders. It's like driving through magic.
One very picturesque scene I'd like to paint, was a small stream, Gales Creek.
-It's so low right now, that it was just flat mud puddles, still, and reflecting
the colors of the sky and trees above. They were daisy chained together by small
lacey riffles, pouring water into the next, and to the next... you know, kind
of like a man made pond. But, it was so breathtaking because it held the magic
and the story of the trees and of the sky and of the season, above!
At one point a slight breeze blew and leaves tumbled into the sky, round and
round and then began to light on the water, barely making small imprints, and
ever so slightly obscuring the perfect replica of what was above. And then,
it was still again. As if nothing had happened!
Fall may be the end of summer, the end of much life, but man does summer ever
go out in a blaze of Glory!
It struck me that God saves the best for last. Fall simply must represent Heaven
on earth. The seasons that we go through might represent our lives on earth.
Spring is our birth, summer, our youth, and fall... oh, Fall!
Fall is a taste of what we have to look forward to, when our lives here on earth
are finished.
But winter? What is winter?
Pretty darn good steelhead fishing. That's what!



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