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Fishing was pretty darn good out there today.
One of the ifish boys (crazyfish) caught his limit on crabs today.
Another customer came in saying he caught 2 Halibut in Nehalem.
No salmon came in tho.

Was a bit rough at times but the Trophy held up just fine. All three limited out in about 2 hours. Captain Dennis broke his rod on a 50 pound LING. Ouch...

Dinner tonight consisted of Marie's Famous Mashed Potatoes and Cajun Fried Bottom Fish! And don't forget COLD BEER! :cheers:

Pictured is Glenn, Dan and Dennis

Their catch consisted of Ling Cod, red rock, and black sea bass. They were using unpainted buzz bombs.


photo was taken at Tillamook Bait

PS : Rhonda from Channel 2 news, and her husband Dennis came by! They're going out fishing in their Trophy too! Thanks for stopping by Rhonda!
Good Luck!

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