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Now these are sweet..................

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I was fortunate this weekend to have won the gift certificate for the pair of Korkers wading boots at the ifish picnic. I called them yesterday to order them and they and said they would send them right out to me and I got them today, now that's fast service. While I was talking with them yesterday I mentioned that I was going to go to FMS and buy a set of the interchangeable felt spikes for them after I recieved them. So when I opened the box tonight what do I see inside, you guessed it, another box with the felt spikes inside. I want to send out a huge thank you to Jeff Langley of thier marketing group, you sure know how to get a guy stoked, it was nice talking with you yesterday. These boots look fantstic, so much so I think I'll have to go break them in on some Wilson river bobber and jig fishing this weekend.

Thanks again Korkers/Jeff Langley for the wonderful boots and the thoughtful gift, you can bet I'll be spreading your name around. This is what I would call superior customer service.

:dance: I so stoked right now I think I'll go put them on and just wear them around the yard :dance:

Here they are if you'ld like to take a look http://www.korkers.com/product%20page/7500wkg.html


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I bought a pair of those when they first came out earlier this year. They are great boots. Nice to hear of the great customer service too.

to bad they don't sell jetboats :cheers:
That's the kind of service that everyone wants :cheers:
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