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3, 2016
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It was such a pleasure a couple days ago to see Mark Anderson
of First Bite Jigs.

It had just stopped raining, and I was on my way out to run Willie. (Again.)
I wasn't all that excited about it, as I hadn't been feeling that well,
this week. My boots were moving a bit slower than usual, and it wasn't due
to the fact that I was wearing Bill's boots! Mine leak, and my feet kind
of slosh around in Bill's boots!

I was on my way down to the river beach and I heard "Jennie! Jennie!"

This is fairly common, as a lot of Kilchis fisher people know where I live,
and it's kind of fun to meet people. But, what a surprise! It was Mark!
I hadn't seen Mark in ages!!!

I knew that Bill would love to see him, so I had him tie up the pontoon
and come say hi to Bill, who was making his rounds on the Kubota.

The brownies in the kitchen had just come out of the oven. Perfect! Went
to get him a couple, and Bill some, too. (OK, I ate one while serving!)

Anyhow, it made my day to see Mark! As I walked him back to the pontoon,
instead of sloshing around slowly in my boots, I actually jumped down the
a small cliff on the river bank. Ouch. Landing from a jump hurts when you
are 50+!

I should have gotten a salmon jig from him, while I had him. I have tons
of steelhead jigs, but I'm short on Salmon Jigs! Haha!

Nothing better than an old friend to brighten your day! Fresh brownies don't
hurt, either!
Oh, hey! Here's a neat thing! If you'd like to enter the
kwikfish contest, but have no clue how to do it... Ifish member Tcox19 has
offered to help you get your kwikfish idea entered in the contest! Click

5, 2016!

Oh, my word! You should see what I see! The Sky is on fire!!!
It's really just the sunrise, but if you could see what I see, you'd think
so! I can't stop staring! Wish I had my camera! Wow!

I'm back in town, and I had a genuinely BAD day, yesterday.

Not too long ago, I was listening to a girlfriend's periscope, and she kept
saying how bad her day was. I was thinking, "I never have a bad day!"
I didn't say so, but I just don't have bad days. Well, I did! I had a bad
day! Is it contagious or something?!

First off, I woke up and the house was a mess. David had promised me the
house was in great condition. He welcomed me to it, like I should be amazed.
I was! I was amazed! Dust, dirt, the floor was filthy. (Oh, my gosh... Look
at that sky! LOL)

Anyhow... Thee is four inches of leaves on the lawn. There were dishes in
the garage. Dishes in the sink. Dishes in his room.

Does he need eye surgery? What part was clean and welcome?

(Oh, darn. The red sky went away...)

So, one of the things that often happens when I leave, is that they forget
about the trash. The garbage, the recycle, and the vegetation container
must be out on the street by Wednesday early morning.

But, as I drove in, on Thursday morning, the containers were still out on
the road. (Something else forgotten! Keep smiling, Jennie. It's going to
be OK.

But, as I went to throw something away in my bathroom garbage can, it was
full. Odd. My routine is to empty all garbage cans on Tuesday, and take
the garbage cans out to the street.

I began the quotidian task of emptying all inside garbage cans. As I emptied
the bathroom, inside.... was.... a.... Rid... Lice... Kit.

Oh, hello. Oh no. Oh, my.

"David? What is this?" That's when the fight started.

When was he going to tell me? You know, when was he going to tell me not
to sleep on my bed, where David sleeps at times, when I am gone? When was
he going to tell me that I was going to have to do laundry every day for
a week?

He itched his head as he explained. "Yeah. I think I have lice. I think
I got it from that last job I had, where everyone had to drive in the same
car for weeks." He went on, while scratching his head, spraying nits
and lice all over the house.

I'm a bit of a clean freak. Nits and lice and bugs and such scare me! I
had never had experience with lice. Not that it is a dirty person's disease,
I know. I just had never had kids with lice.

Time for google!

As I watched and learned, (and watched some really gross videos!) I decided
I didn't want to deal with this myself. Off to "Lice to know you."
a professional lice removal place in Beaverton. I was going to get rid of
these devils for good.

It was $100.00 dollars or so, to remove the lice. Goodbye to any extra money
I had!

First up was David, but since I hug David occasionally, I was to be checked,

Let me tell you, the very thought of having lice makes you scratch your
head. As soon as I saw that box in the garbage, I began the head scratching.
I was convinced I had lice! Since I was close to Bill, Bill probably had

David told me all these stories of how he had been up most nights, scratching
his head. How one of them had literally hatched on his eyelash. (By the
way, I learned later, this is impossible!) How the night before, he hadn't
slept until 4 in the morning. How the lice kit didn't work, and how he had
spent my money on a second box. That's $50.00! Lucky for me, he had not
opened it, and still had the receipt. I was finally a little bit impressed
by something!

Anyhow... neither one of us had lice.

Homeward bound.

Instead of the assigned plans for that day that David was to clean the hot
tub, plans were then altered so that he could do other things, I ended up
cleaning the hot tub. As expected, and the reason why he was going to do
it, I was exhausted. Dead tired. In pain.

I finally finished a little past dark, and on my way in, I kinda pushed
the sliding glass door shut... ON MY FINGER.

When your body is already in pain, and then you hurt yourself, otherwise?
Oh my. You really want to shoot yourself. I'm serious. I wanted to be dead.
Oh the pain. Oh my gosh. It made me nauseous. It made me dizzy. I'm no sissy,
but this hurt! I really slammed that sucker on my finger! Hard! My piano
fingers... wah. Pianists are very, very careful of fingers. I failed my
finger. :(

I wrapped it in ice, but when I glanced down at it, there was a neat little
red line across my finger nail. It didn't stay that nice way for long, though.
Soon it was blue, swollen, purple, swollen and red, all at the same time.
It turned the neatest colors, but I was not impressed. The sunrise this
morning... now that impressed me!

David was gone when I slammed my finger, taking Willie for a walk.

When he came home, he immediately went back to the computer in search of
the reason his head had been itching so fiercely. After learning it wasn't
lice, he spent hours trying to figure it out.

In the past months, he first thought it was fleas. We carefully and thoroughly
de fleaed the house and the pets. His scalp really was inflamed. I could
see that it was a real problem. I figured it was probably allergies. Since
birth, David has always had sensitive skin.

He came back to my room, and announced with certainty.

"Mom? I think I have scabies."

(long pause.)

David is going to the doctor this morning. But, guess what? He let his insurance

Let this be a lesson to you young ones. Parenting lasts forever.

I want to go back to the coast.

I don't know if I mentioned this, but while at the coast, we dealt with
Revvie, who now is incontinent for some medical reason. It's probably old
age related. I did laundry forever, both at the laundromat for the down
blanket, and at home. We finally bought a waterproof blanket and some doggy
diapers and took her to the vet to get pills, and then another kind of pill.
I think we are finally on top of things. But-- even with all of that?

I want to go back to the coast.

I really did have a bad day but the good of that, is that I get to start
over, today!

15, 2016!

Wow. I think this is the longest I've gone, without writing.
Things are different, these days, as I have so much work to do on the moderating
side, I don't get the leisurely time I used to, to be able to write. I miss
it so much!

If you'd like to be a moderator, I would love it! Use the contact form,
and tell us why you would like to be a moderator, and we will certainly
be glad to hear from you!

I think it is not only the moderating, but it's also helping people to get
logged in, after the password fiasco/security problems we had, way back
in June. That was quite the work, right there, trying to get people back
on board. (So to speak)

My river.... The river. I guess it's not mine, but I think of it as such.
It's so fun, this time of year! I get bored easily with some things, but
never, ever do I get bored of the Kilchis river! It is always changing!
I think the most boring it gets is in the summer, where it stays low and
clear so much, but even then, I can take my canoe out, and study the bottom
of the river. Not boring at all!

But, in the Fall! Oh, my!

Right now, I can pull over on the Kilchis river road, wherever I see water,
and there are chum salmon, swimming right there in front of me!

Yesterday, I blazed a trail through the woods to get to a creek that is
not easy to get to, and right there! Inches in front of me! CHUM! Oh my
gosh! I had to hold the dogs back, because they were as amazed as I was!
Willie wanted to chase, of course. Not good!

I knew they'd be there, because they were everywhere else, and the water
was high enough that they could get in there, and sure enough!

The river right now is high and a beautiful color. I'm going to go out and
plunk a little, I think. Maybe a kwikfish. Maybe an ifish kwikfish!!! Speaking
of which, if you have an idea for a kwikfish, you have FOUR days to enter
one! And if you don't know how to do that, contact TCOX19, and he said he'd
enter it for you! Either help you to upload and color it, or help with whatever
part you don't know how to do! AWESOME! So, get your entry in, because it
closes on the 20th!

Oh, my! Here comes another downpour of rain to add to the depth of the Kilchis!
It is so high, already!

And as I looked out at the rain, a tiny hummingbird is buzzing around my
feeder. I'm so ashamed! It's empty! I have to go fix that! Byeeeeee!

18, 2016!

Wow. Never have I seen more chum in my entire life! You can
walk out almost anywhere on the river and spot their squiggly white bodies
finning below the surface. It drives Willie crazy. The only thing he has
seen that plays in the water are river otters or big, soaring birds that
go much faster than he can!

Oh, dear. Bill bought a new toy and I'm afraid for my life! It's a Kubota
RTV. Click
here for a picture

Don't get me wrong! It's fun! It's way fun! But, see, Willie keeps me alive!
Willie keeps me alive and going by insisting I walk. If I didn't go for
walks, I doubt I'd be able to walk at all. I'm darn serious.

It is so tempting, now, to get in the RTV and go to the river, or go anywhere.
I mean, I can drive that thing just about anywhere! It's so fun! It's zippy!
It goes over hill and dale! That's why we have it. Bill wants to be able
to more easily access and navigate the river and the property.

But, little trips to the mailbox and across the field are what keeps my
legs moving. It frightens me! Get rid of that thing! Now, I have to force
myself not to use it!

I carry a little chair when I hike around, so that if I get tired, I don't
have to sit on a wet log, or the ground. No matter how light it is, though,
that thing gets heavy to me! So with the RTV, I can just throw the chair
in the back and go! But, that chair is like carrying a hand weight, and
that also grows muscles that I need!

I now have a love/hate relationship with an RTV.
Love: It's really neato, because it has a lid on it. (A
roof! LOL) and when it rains, Bill and I can sit in there right beside the
river and fish!
Hate: Lazy, lazy, lazy!

The river is an incredible color, today. I think it's perfect for jigs and
shrimp fishing. I always look for that quiet walking tempo.

It's getting close to that time of year where I can fish for steelhead,
and still have the chance at a salmon. The only thing that bothers me is
that if I fish with my 1123, and happen to hook a nook, trying to bring
it in is so hard on them. Especially if I'm going to release it. It worries
me. My steelhead rods are just too whippy to chance on the life of a c&r
salmon. Too bad we can't send out a message to the fish in the river with
our chosen rods. "Warning: Steelhead only!"

In the end, I do battle between going to the river with a rod, and just
going with my chair. The river is so active with fish, right now, that it's
equally as exciting to watch, as it is to fish!

Oh! By the way, there is a big tree down above our property. It isn't in
the main channel, so I don't think it's a problem for boaters right now,
but if the water comes up and it moves, it is something you should watch

Never a dull moment!

I can go upstream and watch the salmon spawn. I take my little chair and
go way up and put my chair on the hill. I can spend so much time just engaged
in the dance of the chum salmon.

I can go downstream to the big pool and watch chinook try to lug their heavy
bodies out of the slow water and splash their way back down in the depths.
Along the edges, frilly white chum salmon, sometimes with strips of flesh
hanging off their sides, decorate the edge of the stream like some oddly
living lace.

If you watch the shallows long enough, you'll see salmon shoot up between
the rocks, chasing one another. They create their own riffles. Male to female..
it's a dance, a race, the last hurrah.

I try to take a stick or a gaff hook (Remember when everyone had a gaff
hook?) so that while walking, I can take the dead fish off of the banks
so the dogs don't roll in them. I just give them a two foot help into deeper

Fall is really the most active and magical time of year along the Kilchis
river. There is never a dull moment. Rarely stillness. It seems to me that
using the RTV to get to all this beauty is just wrong. It just doesn't match
up, somehow.

But, dang... is it easy!

22, 2016!

Now this is serious business.

If you have followed along, my last eye surgery was a disaster. Well, not in the end. At least I can still use that eye, now, but I lost my eyesight for months, after the surgery. Pain like you wouldn't believe. I mean PAIN! My eye suffered a choroidal hemorrhage. If you don't know what that is, well, the inside of my eye bled until it broke open, due to the pressure. Now, that hurts! I never, ever want to go through that again.

Gee, I need to update " All My Eye Surgeries ". I have had two or three more, since I last updated that page! LOLOLOL. It isn't funny. Why do I giggle? Nerves?

So, now, I learn from my last eye visit that my eye that has had a corneal implant, may be rejecting or something. I was to try using prednisone drops for a couple weeks, and today I go back to hear the results.

I am very, very nervous!

So, if you can, please pray or send cosmic thoughts, or whatever you do when you help someone with thoughts. I pray, and I am praying!
I am also very nervous!

OK, about the Kwikfish contest.... Since I'm going to the doc, today, I have left the contest open until I close it to create the vote. Any new entries, as long as they follow the rules of the contest, will remain until I close it to create the poll.

I have given Fishy2k permission to try and find help through TCox19, so that his entry may be in the poll.

Thank you, Tcox19, for all you do!

OK, Off to the doc!

Have a grrrrrrreat day!

23, 2016!

Table Shirt Furniture Tableware Chair

Give thanks with a grateful heart!

I have family. I'm so lucky! Sisters and brothers and cousins and nephews and nieces! I will walk into the Holiday house and be met with hugs and tiny toddlers that make me giggle!

I am thankful, however somehow this morning, I have a heavy heart.

Holidays are hard without my oldest son. I think you can understand. We all lose loved ones.

But, we have to go on! We have to smile! It's not hard, really, once I'm in the thick of it, with turkey and all the trimmings on the table, and wonderful smells in the air! Laughter fills the room. It takes me away, and I'm alright. I'm thankful. I'm happy.

Some people have a long ways to travel to get to their Holiday destination. I only have a twenty minute drive. But--It is seven in the morning, and it feels like a million miles away, right now.

I have so many family members. I am so lucky. So much to be grateful for! So, I put on my smile and I go a-merrying about -all the way there!

Pies and cakes and treats, oh my!

Bill's bringing smoked salmon, thanks to Mark from First Bite Jigs. Thank you, Mark and Happy Holidays! So much... to be thankful for!

I can save my sadness. Shove it down... right, there.... way, way... down!

I DO have a grateful heart.

The river, the rain, the sunshine that shines on those winter-dusty-light-blue-sky days!

We all have things to be thankful for! We may have to dig a little, look under what seems to be blocking our vision. But, we do! We all have things to be thankful for!

Again, I think of my impending eye surgery. Yuck. I don't want to lose my eyesight, or my ability to drive. That scares me so much, but somehow in my mind, I think that if I stand strong and believe it won't happen, it won't! So, I'm thankful for my eyesight, darnit, just as it is! I'm afraid to be otherwise!

I had a dream last night about my son, Andrew, and I woke with a bit of a heavy heart. I'm shoving it aside.

I also woke this morning with this song in my head. I think it was Jesus, wrapping his arms around me.

I'm going to let it play in my head, all_day_long.

Give thanks with a grateful heart

Give thanks to the Holy One

Give thanks because He's given Jesus Christ, His Son

And now let the weak say, "I am strong"

Let the poor say, "I am rich

Because of what the Lord has done for us"

Give thanks with a grateful heart

Give thanks to the Holy One

Give thanks because He's given Jesus Christ, His Son

Give thanks with a grateful heart

Give thanks to the Holy One

Give thanks…

27, 2016!

This election season has burned the moderators out.

Poof goes
the politics!

28, 2016!

Thank you so much for voting on the kwikfish poll! If you
haven't yet, you have one more day! Vote,
A big thank you to positize, who found that I originally posted
the wrong address to vote.

When I post something like this on all forums, I don't do it automatically.
I have to post the thread, then go to an admin tool called copy, and post
it manually to another thread. It takes a while, so if I goof, I have
to redo it all. Sure would be a nice thing to have some automated tool
to "Post on all forums". We do have notices, but those are bothersome
to people. You have to read it and then close it, or it keeps haunting
you like spam! :) I refuse to spam people! Always have.

That's why the ads always bothered me, and I chose to do static banners,
instead of click throughs. I don't own ifish anymore, so I think they
do click throughs. Most big companies do, as it takes time to update banners
for people.

I remember that way back when, I had one company, (won't name the name!)
that would have sales, and I'd have to update their banner every time
they had a sale... which was very often. That made me rethink my idea.
Click throughs leave the work to the advertising company. Banners leave
the work to me. That's why I had limited sponsors, though. It was all
the work I could do, the way I wanted it done.

Web site companies don't usually have the time to do it that way, these

Oh! One thing to note that is very good and may help some of you. If you
see lots of ads on ifish, it's probably because you are not logged in.
When you login, if you are a member, those ads go away, except for the
basic ones. So, make certain that you are a member, if you like to read
ifish. It's much nicer!

Well, tomorrow is the day. I thought it was last Tuesday, but now, the
real test is tomorrow. Is my cornea going to be OK? The drama is killing
me. Will I have to have surgery on my eye and perhaps have to give up
the independence of driving? Having surgery does not necessarily mean
I'll have to give that up, but it's the risk I'm most worried about.That
would bring about an entire new set of things I'd have to give up. There
would be no reason to have two homes, if I couldn't get to them easily.
Oh, sigh.... The drama of "All My Eye

Geemany Christmas Trees...

Which, by the way, I looked at trees, yesterday! Oh, my are they expensive!!!
Wilco had them at 15% off, but still... $50 for a noble!?! Agh!

By the way, Wilco is the most fabulous store. I love going there. The
people are so nice! I could spend hours in there!

Well, I'm off. Please
vote on the poll
for all the people who took time to enter it, ok?
(That means you, Bill!
Jaw Eyelash Font Magenta Art

I love you and will see you after my doctor's appointment!) Tee Hee!

PS. Hey, Bill? See where I wrote "Please vote on the poll",
above? See how it is green? That means it is a link, and if you click
on it, it will take you to the page to vote! Magic! Try it!

29, 2016!

Whoo hooooo! Woke up this morning at 5:30AM so that I could
get to my eye surgeon appointment by... get this: 7:45!!! Who sees patients
at that time? My surgeon! Dr. Nanje...

Anyhow, I thought David would have to drive me, but when we got in the
car, it looked light enough for me to go for it, alone. Yay!

So, I got there, and waited, and waited... and finally saw the doc, and
GUESS WHAT? Now, first let me telling you that I have been skating on
thin ice for a long time.

Skating away

Skating away

Skating away on the thin ice of the New Day.

Seems like some day, some how, I would run across a patch
of grass, or something to stand sturdy on. Today was that day! I don't
need eye surgery! My Cornea is not swollen! Wooo hooooo!

So many people were praying for me, and it worked! God is Good! God is
Faithful! YAY! I'm so thrilled. You just have no idea!

Then, Bill called last night all upset because our Maizee kitty was gone,
and had been for some time. She hadn't even eaten breakfast, and was gone,
well past dark.

I had this feeling things would be OK, here. I mean, what else could happen?
I didn't believe I'd lose my precious new kitty. Sure enough, the phone
rang at 10:30 and it was Bill. "Guess what?" I answered, "Kitty
is home!" Yep! Wheeeee!

Where does the time fly?!? I woke up out of my tryptophan stupor and realized
that the annual NSIA Banquet is this Saturday!!! Wait! It's still summer,
isn't it?

I called Liz over there and she said there are still seats available AND
that NSIA would give ifish discounted tickets! You all know how much I
love NSIA and what they do for more fish and better fishing. I love how
they collaborate and support NWGAA, ANWS and CCA, I love how they work
on Habitat,

Hydro and Harvest (That sounds like a song...)

and I love how supportive the industry has been to me and to ifish over
the years.

So... listen up! Tables are $600 normally, but for ifishers, tables will
be $500 (or) $250 for 1/2 tables.

Let's get out and Show support for our wonderful community and the
businesses that put it on the line for us!
Call 503.631.8859 and say "Ifish sent me!"

Life is so good. Life is just Sooooo good!

30, 2016!

I am incredibly happy! I did not have faith that I would
not require surgery, but... I don't!

My cornea looks great! So happy! So, so happy! And shocked!!! Good things
on the medical front are so rare with me!

Did I tell you how happy I am?!

Regarding the vote for the kwiks... it is now complete and closed. We
will next, do the top five of the winners. We are discussing painting
up the top five winners, so that you can see a pic of each, already made!

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