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I am forwarding this E mail to anyone with a masters licence who would be interested in helping the Lower Columbia Water Trail Assosiation. If you are interested please contact:

Chris Hathaway
Lower Columbia River Estuary Partnership
811 SW Naito Parkway, Suite 120
Portland, OR 97204
ph: 503.226.1565 x.228
fx: 503.226.1580
[email protected]

Thanks.... Dan


Camp sites are a key element of the Lower Columbia River Water Trail. To effectively and efficiently assess the existing and potential suitability of numerous lower Columbia River islands and shore lands for camping, the Estuary Partnership is seeking the services of a motorized boat and boat operator to shuttle 3-6 Estuary Partnership staff and Water Trail Committee members to and from these sites. The project is anticipated to take place between mid-December and mid-February and to last four days.

The maximum budget for the project is $1,300. A donation of these services would also be welcomed and may be tax deductible.

Additional details can be found within the attached RFP.

I encourage you to please pass this along to potentially interested parties. Also, please don't hesitate to contact me if I can answer any questions.

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