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I'm a hard-core Toyota fan, so I'm pretty bias to ask about. Tacoma's better looking? :shrug: :grin: :smash: But, if you have lots of computer time, I'm sure you're own perspective of things should be your lead reason not some stranger on the internet. So, if time is not such a big deal I'd recommend looking at the forums, checking out the pros the people in the forum express and the cons they express - usually the problems they ask about their truck.

Toyota Tacoma Forum

Nissan Frontier Forum

Check them out. Although the Frontier's commercials are cool looking, I ultimately love the Tacoma one where it shows the home video with the meter coming in and blowing back the camera and the Tacoma popping out over, hey there's a guy in the beginning of the commercial scatting, check THAT out! Shi-shi-shi-shi-shik :rolleyes: :applause:

Good Luck, David
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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